Frontdoor improves authorisation and fraud rates with Stripe

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Frontdoor came to Stripe professional services looking for guidance on how to improve authorisation and fraud rates which impact past-due premium invoices – a key metric for Frontdoor.


Frontdoor partnered with Stripe professional services for a two-month Revenue Optimisation Advisory engagement to identify potential improvements to improve their authorization and fraud rates for premium invoices.

In-depth analysis to identify opportunities

For the initial phase of the engagement, Stripe professional services conducted a deep-dive analysis of Frontdoor’s integration to understand its payment flows and identify potential high-impact optimisations. The output of the analysis was a summary of findings and recommendations to improve Frontdoor’s authorisation rate, ordered from the highest ROI optimisation to smaller-impact changes the team could revisit in the future.

Partnering to see immediate results

In the second phase, Stripe professional services closely advised Frontdoor as it implemented multiple enhancements. This close collaboration enabled Frontdoor to quickly resolve blockers and see progress in real time. Recommendations implemented during this phase included:

  • Correctly label off-session payments to identify automatic recurring transactions made while users are offline, leading to increases in auth rates.
  • Notifying customers of payment issues using webhooks and card fingerprints to identify and link payment methods and event fingerprints.
  • Reduce false positive blocks by adjusting Stripe Radar rules to allow specific transaction types.


By the end of the two-month engagement, Frontdoor’s key metric of past-due premium invoices was reduced by 1.84%. As Frontdoor continues to test and go live with additional recommendations, the number is expected to continually decrease.

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