Flower Chimp boosts checkout conversion rate with Stripe

Flower Chimp enables Southeast Asian florists to serve communities across the region. By using Stripe’s payments infrastructure, Flower Chimp has built a simple, secure checkout experience for its customers, leading to improved conversion rates.

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Flower Chimp needed simplicity. It wanted to eliminate friction during the checkout process, improve customer trust, and boost conversion rates. Local payment gateways redirected Flower Chimp’s customers to a third-party website to make payment, resulting in cart abandonment and hindering checkout conversion. Flower Chimp needed a payment solution that was not only reliable, but that also streamlined the checkout experience on its website from start to finish and could support its business in multiple markets.


Flower Chimp launched its Singapore business using Stripe, through Shopify, and saw dependable, fast checkout and high authorization rates. It was eager to implement the same solution for its Malaysian business, and switched to Stripe once it became available there. Flower Chimp integrated Stripe into its Shopify Malaysia store in minutes—and its customers in Malaysia instantly had a simple and secure checkout experience, allowing them to pay for purchases with fewer clicks. Flower Chimp is also using Stripe to support its new Shopify venture, Cake Rush, a same-day cake delivery service. Due to ease of expansion and ability to scale with Cake Rush as it grows, Stripe was the clear solution from the start.


Since implementing Stripe, Flower Chimp has seen more online visitors across all its shops become customers—its overall purchase conversion rate has increased from 2.5% to 8%, including a 37% boost to its mobile checkout conversion rate. It attributes that to a simplified checkout process and a greater sense of security around payments. Stripe also simplified tedious financial tasks such as account reconciliation and exporting order data for Flower Chimp’s accounting team. Stripe has allowed Flower Chimp to run a big business with a modest team.

Modern-day fraud prevention designed for internet-first businesses

To combat the risk of fraud and lost revenue, Flower Chimp uses Stripe Radar to identify and prevent fraudulent transactions. By using machine learning that trains on data across millions of global companies, Stripe Radar helps differentiate fraudulent customers from legitimate ones—making online fraud one less worry for Flower Chimp. Stripe Radar quickly became a valuable part of Flower Chimp’s eCommerce toolbox with its frictionless authentication and sophisticated algorithms that dynamically adapted to Flower Chimp’s unique business. As Flower Chimp and Cake Rush continue to scale, Stripe can keep up with both businesses’ growth by eliminating friction points at checkout and by solving the common pain point of expansion.

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