Squire uses Tap to Pay so barbers can start accepting in-person payments in minutes

SQUIRE is an all-in-one, easy-to-use system that helps barbers retain customers, manage operations, and increase revenue. To make payments easier for more than 7.6 million clients across 3,000+ barber shops using SQUIRE, the company combines booking software, point-of-sale, and a card reader in one system. Now it’s adding Tap to Pay on iPhone and Android with the Stripe Terminal SDK so that barber shops can accept contactless in-person payments without any extra hardware.

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Thousands of barbershops use SQUIRE, the only all-in-one barbershop business management system. These entrepreneurs engage with customers, process bookings, and payments, and manage their business operations – all on the platform. They rely on SQUIRE to help them keep up with consumer trends to ensure an outstanding client experience.

With transactions continuing to move away from cash toward cards and mobile payments, SQUIRE needed a way to provide alternative payment methods while maintaining a positive customer experience.

“Credit card payments will play a bigger role in barbershop transactions as consumers continue to move away from cash,” said Aram Muradyan, head of product at SQUIRE. “More and more, the way payments are accepted will become an integral part of the customer experience.”


SQUIRE was already using Stripe to power its payments infrastructure, point-of-sale card readers, and rent and commissions transactions between barbershops and barbers. When it discovered Tap to Pay and the Stripe Terminal SDK, SQUIRE quickly added this new option for taking in-person payments anywhere – right on an iPhone or Android device – without having to wait for a hardware device.

"We're constantly working to improve the current payment experience and make it as seamless as possible," said Muradyan. "Thanks to the Stripe Terminal SDK, our mobile teams were able to implement Tap to Pay on iPhone and Android phones in just two weeks with minimal resources.”

Tap to Pay lets barbers on SQUIRE accept contactless in-person payments using only a compatible smartphone or tablet and the Stripe Terminal SDK. It’s an easy, secure, and private way to accept in-person payments seamlessly, and it unifies payments on SQUIRE to ease revenue management – without additional hardware.


With Stripe, SQUIRE can give barbershops and barbers more options to improve the customer experience for today’s consumer who rarely carries cash. Tap to Pay and the Stripe Terminal SDK lets barbers start accepting contactless in-person payments in just minutes and without any extra terminals or hardware, keeping more payments on the SQUIRE platform for easier revenue management.

Just two weeks to integrate Tap to Pay with the Stripe Terminal SDK

With minimal time and resources, SQUIRE was able to add Tap to Pay on iPhone with the Stripe Terminal SDK and give thousands of barbers instant access to a flexible, contactless payments option.

Muradyan said, “We strive to be leaders in technology innovation with SQUIRE. Tap to Pay is exactly what we wished was possible, so when it became possible, we jumped all over it.”

Hundreds of barbershops enabled during beta testing

Tap to Pay and the Stripe Terminal SDK lets barbers accept payments without charging, tethering, or maintaining additional hardware or training staff. It processes payments right on the devices barbers are already using to run their businesses on SQUIRE.

“Barbers can download our app and start transacting in seconds,” said Muradyan. “Plus, the payment experience using Tap to Pay on iPhone is much smoother, especially for barbers because they don’t have to set up a physical card reader.”

Barbers can start accepting payments in just minutes and without additional hardware

Tap to Pay and the Stripe Terminal SDK keeps more payments on the SQUIRE system and makes it easier for customers to add a gratuity. It also helps barbers avoid the revenue management complexity of disconnected peer-to-peer payments. SQUIRE now fully equips barbers to manage, promote, and accept payments using just an iPhone or Android device.

Muradyan said. “New barbers can become operational in minutes without having to wait for a physical reader.”

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