Lookiero scales a complex business model with Stripe's simplified payments

Lookiero, the leading online personal shopping service in Europe, helps over
two million users discover their style potential. Women create a style profile and, with this information, each woman is paired with a Personal Shopper who selects five items just for them. Customers receive the items at home to try, and only pay for what they keep.

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It’s important to Lookiero to build a relationship with customers and a personal experience, rooted in trust. A big element of this is making the payment model simple for customers, knowing that underneath it’s quite complex; Lookiero’s team charges a styling fee for each box ordered, which is removed if the customer keeps at least one item, at which point the customer is charged for the items they choose to keep. Lookiero needed a partner that could handle payment complexity and help it optimise credit card retries while maintaining a positive, personal customer experience.


Lookiero chose Stripe for its flexible APIs, which could integrate seamlessly into the technical backbone of Lookiero’s existing e-commerce business. It automates payments across the customer journey, from the first charge for a subscription box to the rolling batches of payment for items customers choose to keep. This allows Lookiero to scale its multi-payment business model while prioritising ease for the customer.


Stripe’s invisible payments architecture strengthens the capabilities of the Lookiero team and limits the complications for customers. Support from an account manager at Stripe also means Lookiero can stay a step ahead of challenges, too. It was through this hands-on relationship that Lookiero was guided on how to optimise credit card retries, resulting in a significant boost in revenues.

A frictionless payment experience across markets

Stripe streamlines Lookiero’s expansion into new markets with its global infrastructure. To succeed, the brand has to adapt to the style preferences, languages, currencies, payment options and delivery methods native to each country. With Stripe, the team never has to worry about friction with local payment preferences. Rather than impose one payments system across locales – and risk losing business – Lookiero has the agility and flexibility to adapt completely to customers in each new location.

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