KRY partners with Stripe for frictionless expansion and enhanced patient experience

KRY is a leader in telemedicine, providing 24/7 medical access to patients via smartphone or tablet. KRY’s qualified medical professionals have consulted with nearly two million patients via digital technology.

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Part of KRY’s mission of putting “patients first” is making healthcare more accessible worldwide. This meant KRY needed a partner who could help accelerate its time to market across Europe and the United States. In addition, because KRY handles sensitive, personal information, cultivating patient trust is also a priority. The company needed a secure solution that could offer payment methods its patients recognised and felt comfortable paying with.


KRY chose Stripe for its global availability, which has made entering new markets frictionless from a payments point of view. Through Stripe Payments, KRY is able to provide all of its patients the option to pay by credit card. With 3DS natively built in, KRY has also created a best-in-class secure payments flow, while maintaining a high level of customer conversion.


Together with Stripe, KRY has seamlessly onboarded thousands of patients at scale. KRY has quickly expanded its service throughout Scandinavia, the UK, France, Germany, and the United States, with no payments development time required when launching Germany, for example.

“Launching payments in a new market is a heavy lift. When you can get this out of the box from a partner who you trust, like Stripe, then you gain huge efficiency by being able to concentrate on your own business model and not worry about the payments side,” explains Arvid Janson, Senior Project Manager at KRY.

Stable infrastructure during COVID surge

Due to the global coronavirus pandemic, KRY’s patient volume doubled in a short span of time, leading to a 163% increase in clinical consultations. Because of this rise in demand, KRY needed to maintain uninterrupted payment processing. Stripe’s reliability and ability to scale was critical, giving KRY peace of mind during this period of unforeseen growth.

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