Local payment methods in Hungary

Support dozens of popular payment methods around the world with a single integration.

For business based in Hungary, we support a number of non-card payment methods. Fees for each payment method, assessed per successful payment, are listed below. There are no additional gateway fees or hidden fees.

Payment method



2.9% + 0.85Ft


1.4% + 85.00 Ft


1.6% + 85.00 Ft


1.6% + 85.00 Ft


1.4% + 85.00 Ft


105.00 Ft


2.95% + 85.00 Ft


2.2% + 85.00 Ft

SEPA bank transfers

0.5% capped at 2,000.00 Ft (200.00 Ft per successful refund)

SEPA Direct Debit

125.00 Ft


1.4% + 85.00 Ft

The fees above for bank transfers include up to 1000 free virtual bank account numbers. If you use more than 1000 VBANs, there is an additional fee of 2.00 Ft per VBAN. Please note that there is a total limit of 50,000 VBANs per account. If you require a large number of VBANs and would like to discuss pricing, please reach out to us

Please note we charge 2,500.00 Ft for failed or disputed SEPA Direct Debit payments.

Sofort will soon be deprecated, learn more.

If you would like to discuss volume pricing, contact us.

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