Stripe's Mark Usage Terms

Last updated: June 12, 2023

We appreciate that many of our Users — as well as our partners, vendors, and others who may be connected to us in other ways — will often want to mention their connection with us, and will often want to use our name or logo to do so. These Mark Usage Terms (what weʼll call the “Marks Usage Terms”) are intended to clarify how our Users may do that. To answer any questions you may have about these Marks Usage Terms or if you want to use our marks other than to note that you are a Stripe User (perhaps in your checkout flow), please email us at

Some uses of our Marks will require an express license. In those cases, the terms of that license will govern. Other uses of our Marks will be governed by separate agreements or terms. In those cases, the terms of those agreements will govern. These Marks Usage Terms are intended to cover everything else, and will govern any uses of our Marks that are not governed by any other license or agreement.

Before we get to the specific doʼs and donʼts, some general points:

  • First, letʼs define what weʼre covering here. When we use the collective term “Marks” (or the singular “Mark”), that means any of our names, logos, icons, design elements, trade dress, or anything else (whether registered or unregistered) that we may use to identify and distinguish our goods or services from those of others. We have many marks, but here are a few examples:
    • Our Stripe word mark;
    • Our Stripe stylized mark:
    • Our Stripe logo:

As noted above, these are just examples, not an exhaustive list of our marks. That said, we chose them as examples in part because each one is registered in at least the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (if not other trademark offices as well). If you would like to use one of our marks other than as noted above, please email us at

  • Our Marks are valuable assets. In following these Marks Usage Terms and using our Marks, you are acknowledging that we are the sole owner of the Marks and that you will not interfere with our rights in the Marks (including challenging our use, registration, or application to register a Mark). You also acknowledge that the goodwill derived from your use of any of our Marks inures to our benefit, and belongs to us.
  • The permission that weʼre giving you to use our Marks is limited, in several ways:
    • You can only use our Marks as expressly permitted under these Marks Usage Terms.
    • The permission weʼre giving you is non-exclusive (meaning, we can give it to others) and non-transferable (meaning, you canʼt).
    • We may update these Marks Usage Terms from time to time, and you will update your use of the Marks to conform to any changes we make within a reasonable time after we give you notice of the change.
    • We may review your use of our Marks on your website and require changes if necessary to comply with these Marks Usage Terms.
    • We may terminate your permission to use our Marks at any time (and at our discretion). Upon termination you agree to promptly stop all use of the Marks (for example, by removing any Marks from any websites or applications).

So what then can you do and not do? As a general rule, you may use our Marks to truthfully convey information about your goods or services, but not in a way that will imply endorsement by us of your goods or services, or otherwise cause consumer confusion. To help you understand what that means in practice, we have created this non-exhaustive list of what you can and canʼt do:


  • Use our Marks only on the portion of your website or application that directly relates to our services (such as on a checkout page using our payment processing services).
  • Use our Marks consistent with any style guidelines (describing such things as size, color, or relative placement) that we may give you (and update your use to conform to any changes in those style guidelines within a reasonable time after we give you notice of the change).
  • Use our Stripe word mark without alteration in text to truthfully and accurately refer to us or our goods or services.


  • Use our Marks except as described in these Marks Usage Terms (or otherwise agreed inwriting).
  • Modify or alter our Marks in any way. For example, donʼt shorten or abbreviate any of the Marks (many of them are relatively short to begin with!), or use any of them in plural, possessive, foreign-language translation, or otherwise modified forms.
  • Misrepresent your relationship with us, or use our Marks in any way that is misleading, or that would imply our endorsement or sponsorship of your goods or services (or anybody elseʼs goods or services).
  • Use our Marks more prominently than your own (or any othersʼ).
  • Use our Marks in any way that is unrelated to us or our goods or services.
  • Use our Marks on any tangible merchandise, including any promotional, marketing, swag, or other physical items.
  • Add anything in such close proximity to our Marks as to create a new mark with its own distinct commercial impression.
  • Use or incorporate any of our Marks in your own trademark, service mark, trade dress, trade name, website name, domain name, corporate name, or social-media handle (or any other source-identifying use), or use any trademark, service mark, trade dress, trade name, website name, domain name, corporate name, or social-media handle (or any other source-identifying use) that is likely to be confused with any of our Marks.
  • Use our Marks to show Stripe or our goods or services in any disparaging or derogatory light, or in any way that may be damaging to our brand or to our interests in the Marks.
  • Use a ™ or ® in conjunction with our Marks. Different countries have different rules on this and in order to be consistent across regions we donʼt require your use at this time.