Buy now, pay later

Offer payment flexibility in minutes with Affirm on Stripe

Boost average order value with Affirm by providing simple payment plans that go up to 36 months and include interest-free options. Payment plans are personalised to each purchase while you are paid in full up front.

Make big purchases more budget friendly

Affirm has over 31 million addressable customers in the US and CA and provides loans up to $20,000. Large payments can be broken into bi-weekly or monthly installments up to 36 months depending on location.

Increase order value and repeat purchases

Businesses see on average 85% higher order value and 20% repeat purchase rate from Affirm customers.

Get paid up front with no credit or fraud risk

You are paid the full amount of the purchase upfront. Affirm handles collecting payments from your customer and losses from customer credit or customer fraud risk are covered.

Simplify your operations

Add Affirm to any Stripe integration for unified monitoring, reporting, and payouts. There’s no application, onboarding, or underwriting process to get started.

How it works

Relevant payment options for your customers

Buy now, pay later options can give your customers more flexibility at checkout. Based on purchase amount and customer profile, Affirm displays relevant payment plans to boost conversion, from four interest-free payments over six weeks to monthly instalments up to 36 months. You get paid the full amount up front and are not responsible for consumer credit or fraud risk.

  • Instant approval decisions for new Affirm customers
  • Fast checkout for existing Affirm customers
  • Interest-free options available and no late fees or penalty fees
  • Protection against customer fraud and customer repayment risk

Fully integrated

Get started fast on Stripe

With Stripe, you can get up and running with Affirm in minutes. There’s no additional paperwork for eligible businesses to get started, and everything from maintenance to reconciliation is simpler with a unified payments integration.

Add Affirm with minimal code

Payment Element and Checkout come with a pre-built UI for payment methods, so you can start accepting Affirm with no additional integration work.

Offer Affirm on your platform

Through Connect, platforms and marketplaces can easily distribute Affirm with no work required by eligible merchants.

Ready to get started?

There’s no paperwork for eligible businesses to start accepting Affirm on Stripe. Stripe supports Affirm for businesses in the United States and Canada.


Check if your business category is supported in the docs, or visit your Dashboard settings to confirm if you are eligible and get started.


Learn more about our transparent per-transaction pricing.

Conversion, average order value, global customer numbers, and new shopper data provided by Affirm. All data relate to integrations involving Affirm in general and are not specific to integrating with Stripe.