Bank debits

Accept ACH Direct Debit payments in minutes

Easily collect bank debit payments from US customers for large or recurring charges to minimise payment failure rates and lower transaction costs.

Minimise payment friction and failure

Customers can enter their online banking credentials to instantly verify their bank account rather than manually entering routing and account information.

Lower transaction costs

By debiting your customer’s bank account directly, you can capture cost savings on transaction and dispute fees compared to cards.

Reduce fraud and stay compliant

ACH Direct Debit on Stripe comes with bank account verification, making it easy to stay compliant with Nacha validation rules and reduce fraud.

Maintain a single integration

ACH Direct Debit comes with built-in verification and can be added to any Stripe integration – including Invoicing, Billing and Connect.

How it works

Collect bank payments on your schedule

Bank debits allow you to pull funds directly from your customer’s bank account for one-time or recurring payments. To initiate a bank debit, a customer provides their banking details during checkout and gives you permission to debit the account.

Fully integrated

Get started in minutes on Stripe

Add ACH Direct Debit as a payment option to any type of Stripe integration and benefit from unified monitoring and reporting. There’s no application, onboarding, or underwriting process to get started.

No-code UI options

You can generate a payment link or use Invoicing to send an online invoice and let your customers pay using ACH Direct Debit, no coding required.

Flexible UI options

Stripe Checkout and Payment Element make it easy to build a customised checkout for one-time or recurring payments. Add ACH Direct Debit as a payment option right from the Dashboard, no additional integration work required.

For platforms

Through Connect, platforms and marketplaces can easily enable ACH Direct Debit with built-in instant verification to collect payment or top-ups. There’s no additional onboarding or underwriting required for merchants to get started.

Thanks to Stripe's ACH Direct Debit integration, Landis can seamlessly collect deposits as our clients start their Homeownership programme with us. We built the integration into our workflows in a matter of weeks, reducing drop-offs and payment failure.

Tom Petit, Co-CEO and Co-founder

Ready to get started?

There’s no paperwork for eligible businesses to start accepting bank debits on Stripe. Stripe supports ACH Direct Debit for businesses based in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Know what you pay

Learn more about our transparent per-transaction pricing.

Accept other bank debits

Stripe supports bank debits around the world, including SEPA Direct Debit in Europe and pre-authorised debits in Canada.