Revenue and finance automation

Accelerate your business with a modern finance and revenue platform

Streamline critical business processes with modular billing, tax, revenue reporting, and data tools that work seamlessly together. More than 300,000 businesses use Stripe’s user-friendly revenue and finance automation platform to grow revenue, operate with agility, simplify compliance, and close their books faster.

Grow faster with the power of Stripe

Evolve your pricing models, optimise collections to help reduce days sales outstanding, and recover 58% on average of failed payments with Stripe Payments integrated.

Automate finance processes

Simplify common workflows such as invoice reconciliation and revenue recognition so your team can spend less time closing the books and more time finding new revenue opportunities.

Make it easier for customers to pay you

Give your customers an intuitive user experience with simple interfaces that make it easy to pay bills and self-manage subscriptions.

Improve your existing systems

Enable your sales reps to create invoices in your CRM, your accountants to get financial details into your ERP, and your analysts to pull insights from your data warehouse with ease.

Spend less, grow more

A revenue and finance platform with clear ROI

Automate and optimise your revenue and finance operations to drive growth, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. A tight integration between billing, payments, tax, revenue reporting, and data helps you recover more revenue, spend less on compliance, and speed up payments.

69% of Stripe users say that Stripe has improved their efficiency by 25% or more.

Stripe revenue recovery tools salvaged more than BGN3.42 billion in revenue for users in 2023.

70% of Stripe users say that they have reduced resources allocated to compliance by 50% or more.

Before Data Pipeline, Stripe users spent months and BGN800,000+ building API integrations to export Stripe data.

87% of Stripe invoices are paid in 24 hours.

71% of Stripe users say that Stripe has accelerated growth or stability by 25% or more.

For every BGN1 Stripe users spent on Billing, Stripe tools recovered an average of BGN9.39.

67% of users say Stripe reduced their downtime by 25% or more.

A modular, end-to-end solution

Move your back office forward

Integrate Stripe with your existing systems to support the entire lifecycle of your business’s cash flow – from acquiring customers and collecting revenue, to closing your books and filing sales taxes. With Stripe’s comprehensive revenue and finance automation solution, you don’t have to settle for oversized, arcane systems or small-scale, piecemeal tools.

  • Trials
  • Quotes
  • Pricing Page
  • Customer Portal
  • Payments
  • Subscriptions
  • Invoicing
  • Sales Tax and VAT
  • Business metrics
  • Revenue recognition
  • Trends and insights
  • Accounting reports
  • Churn analytics
  • Recovery and collection
  • Automations
  • Optimisations

Self-serve and sales-negotiated channels

ERP and accounting software

Data warehouse

Do more with more

Supercharge your teams with tools designed to work together

Operate with more agility across your revenue, engineering, finance, and data teams, on a platform designed to boost productivity. Use Stripe to implement new pricing models with no engineering work, automate the tedious parts of revenue reporting and reconciliation, and unlock expansion opportunities with better insights into your business.

Grow faster with powerful billing and collections

Retain more revenue, automate workflows, and accept payments globally. With Stripe Billing, you can choose your monetisation model, including tiered pricing, usage-based pricing, or sales-negotiated contracts.

Operate confidently with automated sales tax and VAT

Streamline tax compliance with Stripe Tax, which automatically calculates and collects sales tax, lets you know where to register, and generates the reports you need to file returns.

Close your books quickly and accurately

Eliminate manual work and streamline accrual accounting with Stripe Revenue Recognition. Reporting is customisable for your specific accounting practices.

Identify growth opportunities with integrated financial data

Get fast, actionable insights into your revenue with Stripe Sigma, or use no-code Stripe Data Pipeline to automatically send your Stripe data to your data warehouse for a single source of truth.

Reliability and reach

Radically better infrastructure, built to scale

High-growth startups and global enterprises alike use Stripe to modernise their revenue and finance stacks with industry-leading uptime and performance.

99.999% uptime

Integrate with confidence using our best-in-class APIs.

Global coverage, local relevance

Offer dozens of local payment methods to improve conversion.

Measurable results

Learn how our customers increase revenue and grow their businesses.

Flexible setup

Get started quickly with no- and low-code options, or design a custom integration with our developer-friendly APIs.

What’s included

Revenue and finance automation at a glance


  • Recurring billing
  • Usage-based and metered billing
  • One-time invoicing
  • Quotes
  • Supports self-serve and sales-led growth
  • Free and paid trials
  • Discounts and coupons
  • Customer portal
  • Revenue recovery tools


  • Automatic tax calculation and collection
  • Threshold monitoring on volume and transactions
  • Tax filing and remittance
  • 400+ product tax categories
  • VAT ID, ABN validation


  • Revenue recognition to support ASC 606 and IFRS 15 processes
  • Pre-built accounting reports
  • Accounts receivable aging summary
  • Configure custom revenue treatment rules
  • SaaS metrics
  • Customer growth and churn metrics
  • Invoice auto-reconciliation


  • Data warehouse sync
  • Custom insights and reports
  • Save frequently-used queries
  • Easy-to-use schema
  • Pre-built query templates
  • Write SQL for custom reports in the Stripe Dashboard

Stripe partners

Implement quickly with help from our partners

Stripe partners can guide you through strategy, implementation, and deployment of your revenue and finance automation tools – whether you’re integrating your ERP or CRM, or navigating challenges across tax, accounting, and more.

Ready to streamline your revenue and financial tools? Get in touch or create an account.

Integrate with your existing systems

Build custom connections and tailored workflows with the tools you already use.

Get started with no code

Create a better experience for your finance and revenue teams in just a few clicks.

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