Papier moves to Stripe for revenue uplift and cleaner customer journeys

Papier collaborates with the world's leading artists, illustrators, brands, and designers to create beautiful, sustainably-sourced personalised stationery, from notebooks and notecards, to diaries and writing paper.

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Founded in London in 2015, Papier inspires people to connect with high quality, beautifully designed stationery sold online globally. On its website, Papier strives to provide a user journey that aligns with its clear, uncluttered design. That meant finding a payment solution that was reliable, easy to use and integrate, and minimised challenges like fraud. As they rapidly expand globally, Papier migrated to Stripe to provide a seamless customer payment experience within a single solution.


Stripe gives Papier the ability to offer an integrated user experience, relying on robust dashboard reports to create unmatched customer service. Stripe aggregates payment challenges into a single platform, including compliance and regulations, and fraud mitigation. With Papier’s previous payments provider, the company lacked visibility and control of its 3DS and fraud protection settings. With Stripe, Papier has better oversight and control, allowing it to strike the right balance between preventing fraudulent transactions and maximising payment acceptance.


After switching to Stripe as its payment solution provider, Papier experienced a 1.6% jump in conversion rate, which was attributed to improved authentication rates, resulting in an increase in revenue. The checkout experience is also more convenient for Papier’s customers with the integration of Apple Pay and elimination of redirects; Stripe 3DS authenticates via a pop-up during two-factor authentication, instead of redirecting to a new page.

Stripe’s platform speed, reliability, and low decline rates have enhanced Papier’s overall user experience, giving Papier the confidence it needed to accelerate growth internationally.

We came to Stripe entirely because of product quality. Having compared platforms, our tech team found Stripe was far easier to use, simple to integrate, and much more reliable than our previous payment solution.

Anthony Rawlinson, CFO

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