ACH Payment Terms

Last updated: 2023-08-30

The Automated Clearinghouse (“ACH”) network allows you to collect funds through debit or credit Transactions from US bank account holders. Terms specifically applicable to acceptance of ACH Transactions are stated below. As with all Payment Methods, your use of Stripe’s products that access the ACH network, including ACH Direct Debit Payments and ACH Credit Transfer Payments, bind you to the terms stated below and the Stripe Services Agreement. You accept and agree to comply with all of these terms.

Nacha: The ACH network is controlled and managed by the National Automated Clearinghouse Association (Nacha) and its member organizations. When submitting Transactions over the ACH network, you must comply with the Nacha Operating Rules. Payment Method Rules include the Nacha Operating Rules.

ACH Authorizations: When you collect funds through ACH debit Transactions, you understand and accept your role as the Originator (as defined in the Nacha Operating Rules). You agree to obtain your Customer’s consent to debit or credit their bank account and initiate a Transaction over the ACH network. This consent must be in a form and manner that complies with the Nacha Operating Rules and the Documentation for ACH Transactions. You must maintain data sufficient to reconstruct any ACH authorization and provide Stripe with evidence of that authorization upon request.

ACH Returns: You understand that: Customers can request an ACH Transaction return if they believe the payment was unauthorized under the Nacha Operating Rules. A Customer’s bank is obliged to refund the debits without question, as long as the request was received within 60 days (60 days for consumers and 2 days for businesses) from when the Customer receives their bank statement containing the unauthorized debit. If a return request happens, Stripe will immediately debit your Stripe Account (or User Bank Account if necessary) in the amount of the return request. There is also a process for late returns outside the 60 day window, which is primarily managed by and decided at the discretion of the banks involved in the transaction. The ACH network does not have its own appeals process, so if you believe a Customer has wrongly requested a return on a Transaction, you’ll need to settle the matter outside of Stripe and submit a new Transaction if settled in your favor.

Bank Account Verification: Stripe may provide you with the ability to verify Customer bank accounts through our Stripe Verifications product in conjunction with our ACH products. If you wish to verify Customer bank accounts, then Stripe will collect certain Customer bank account information, which information is Stripe Data as defined in the Stripe Services Agreement. Stripe may retain and process this Stripe Data as the terms of the agreement between Stripe and the Customer allows.

Funds Availability: You may be eligible to opt-in to have ACH debit Transactions funds made available to you faster than the standard timing for availability by agreeing to a higher fee per transaction. You understand that the ACH return rules and timelines under Nacha Operating Rules remain unchanged if you elect for faster funds availability. If you opt-in for faster funds availability, you acknowledge and accept all risks associated, related to, or resulting from the faster availability of funds, including the risk of higher return or dispute rates. You understand that you continue to be liable to Stripe for the full amount of all Disputes, Refunds and Reversals (as defined in the Stripe Services Agreement) regardless of the reason or timing. Your eligibility to opt-in to faster funds availability is in the sole discretion of Stripe, and Stripe reserves the right to revoke your eligibility at any time. You agree that Stripe, in its sole discretion, may impose daily, transaction or other limits.