MAYD fast-tracks Stripe implementation and completes integration in one week

Berlin-based MAYD, which stands for “Meds at Your Doorstep“ is an on-demand telepharmacy startup that sells more than 2,000 pharmacy-related products, and can deliver orders in less than 30 minutes. It launched in October 2021 and has already raised over €43 million in funding.

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Roughly 4,000 German pharmacies have ceased operations over the last decade, with more shoppers making their purchases online or from local pharmacies. The demand for new service offerings has grown immensely, paving the road for innovation within the industry. In January 2021, in light of the pandemic-fuelled rise in on-demand delivery services and the introduction of the electronic prescriptions in Germany, the founders of MAYD sought to turn their idea to deliver products from pharmacies into an established company. In order to launch quickly, they needed an easy-to-integrate solution for onboarding vendors and processing payments.


MAYD chose Stripe as its preferred vendor for a variety of reasons: the speed of implementation, flexibility to customise the product, local payment method offerings, and the level of customer support. After meeting with Stripe at the start of September, MAYD implemented Stripe Connect Express and launched several local payment methods, including credit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, within two weeks.

The company’s lean product and engineering team – two senior back-end developers, one iOS developer, and one Android developer – found it easy to integrate Stripe’s programmable APIs and tools. MAYD also streamlined its Know Your Customer (KYC) process by using Stripe’s hosted onboarding process.

“Our product and engineering team absolutely loved the API documentation as it was so descriptive and easy to navigate. We also really appreciated how KYC was handled quickly and easily” said Martin Ettling, MAYD’s head of strategic projects and expansion.


Since partnering with Stripe and launching in October 2021, MAYD now delivers hundreds of orders daily. It has tripled the number of vendors on its platform and is live in 25 new cities in Germany, with further plans to make the service available across Germany and two more countries in 2022.

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