Stripe unveils unified commerce solutions for Australia

  • Australian businesses of all sizes can accept in-person payments using the Stripe Terminal SDK and Tap to Pay on Android or Stripe Readers, to unify online and in-person commerce with a single integration.
  • Fast-growing platform businesses like Abacus, FareHarbor, and Splose are using Stripe Terminal to power unified commerce solutions for thousands of businesses in Australia.

SYDNEY—Stripe, a financial infrastructure platform for businesses, announced today that its suite of unified commerce solutions is now available in Australia, including Stripe Terminal with Tap to Pay on Android for in-person contactless payments.

In Australia, over three-quarters of consumer payments are made with cards. By centralizing card payment data from all sales channels in one dashboard, Stripe’s unified commerce solutions provide businesses with a comprehensive view of sales trends and customer preferences. Businesses can use this information to improve customer experiences and increase revenue opportunities.

“We are excited to help more Australian businesses unlock the power of unified commerce with a single integration, to drive conversion and create cohesive experiences across siloed channels for businesses,” said Karl Durrance, managing director for Australia and New Zealand at Stripe.

One view with Stripe Terminal

Abacus, FareHarbor, and Splose are among the fast-growing platforms in Australia using Terminal to power unified commerce. Terminal is fully compatible with Stripe’s payments platform and Stripe Connect, allowing platforms to offer their business users the ability to accept in-person and online payments at scale. In addition, Terminal offers businesses various reader options and features, including on-reader tipping and offline mode.

"The integration of back-end financial operations with contactless front-of-house transactions provides a seamless customer experience and optimizes efficiency. We are proud to offer business owners a unified commerce solution powered by Stripe Terminal," said Peter Ling, CEO of Abacus.

Oz Jet Boating, an adventure-tour provider, uses Terminal to maintain a unified view of a customer’s transaction activity, even when that customer makes multiple purchases through different sales channels.

“As Australia’s largest and longest-running jet boat operators, we’re all about entertaining our guests on the world’s most stunning harbor. Having the flexibility to accept online and in-person payments anywhere with Stripe Terminal enhances our ability to cater to our customers’ needs, and saves us time so we can focus on delivering an unforgettable jet-boat experience,” said Matt Hilder, owner of Oz Jet Boating.

No extra hardware required

Australian businesses can now increase their reach by accepting in-person contactless payments using just the Stripe Terminal SDK and an Android phone or tablet. This allows platforms to reach markets and verticals that do not traditionally use payments hardware, such as tour guides, stylists, or plumbers.

FareHarbor, which provides activity and booking software for tour operators like Oz Jet Boating, is one of the first businesses on Stripe to offer its customers the flexibility to accept payments anywhere with Tap to Pay on Android. Setup takes just a few minutes and creates a quicker checkout experience.

“Tap to Pay on Android gives our clients more flexibility to accept in-person payments anywhere, with just a mobile phone. With the travel sector rebounding in Australia, we look forward to empowering our clients with payment tools like Stripe Terminal and Tap to Pay on Android to streamline operations and scale their business,” said Dominique Oosthuizen, product manager at FareHarbor.

Stripe supports the most essential credit and debit card payment methods in Australia including Visa, Mastercard, and eftpos, Australia’s local card network. Learn more about Stripe’s unified commerce solutions here.