Stripe expands partnership with Wix to provide powerful omnichannel solutions for businesses

Stripe Terminal helps Wix unlock in-person payments with Wix POS for its US customers, unifying online and offline revenue.

SAN FRANCISCO—Stripe and Wix, a leading global SaaS platform to create, manage, and grow an online presence, today announced an expanded partnership to power in-person payments for its users. With more than 200 million users globally, Wix enables businesses, organizations, artists, and individuals to build and evolve their brands and businesses online.
As economies around the world reopen after the COVID-19 pandemic, consumer expectations have shifted towards more flexible commerce. Many businesses that pivoted online during the crisis—including more than 31 million new users who joined Wix’s platform in 2020—are now grappling with hybrid operations as they look for ways to bring their services back to the offline world.

Stripe’s integrated product suite ensures platforms can provide a seamless experience for businesses and their customers. By layering Terminal, Stripe’s programmable point of sale, atop their existing integration with Stripe Connect, Wix can provide its users with everything they need to run and scale an omnichannel business. That includes website creation and management, logistics and operations, and payment processing for both online and in-person transactions, all with a 360° understanding of their business activity.

“At Wix, we’re focused on enabling business owners to succeed by providing them an integrated platform with all the tools and functionality they need to sell and grow online,” said Liat Karpel Gurwicz, Head of eCommerce Marketing at Wix. “With Wix POS and Stripe’s underlying Terminal infrastructure, we can now help our users get a more holistic understanding of their business across different sales channels, including in-person sales, while managing all inventory, sales and marketing from a single platform.”

RanD Pitts, Owner of Evolve Clothing Gallery, an early user of Wix POS, agreed: “We went from brick and mortar, which I knew all my life, to selling online overnight. With Wix POS our retail store and eCommerce website are completely synced and we can easily stay on top of and manage our inventory, transactions, customer details, analytics. Week over week we’re probably growing 30% and we’re excited about our future.”

Stripe and Wix have been partners since 2014, processing billions of dollars on behalf of business owners on the Wix platform. It’s not only Stripe’s APIs and integrated platform that made Wix select Stripe Terminal, but also this long history of building success together. As Wix continues to offer more revenue management options to merchants, Stripe’s growing Global Payments and Treasury Network (GPTN) will serve as the foundational layer for Wix to expand its offerings to more geographies while doubling down on focus areas like product development and customer service.

“Stripe and Wix have been close partners for many years now, and we’re proud that our integrated suite of products allows Wix to build new and innovative online solutions for their users. We are particularly excited to help small businesses unify their offline and online commerce experience with this partnership,” said Mike Clayville, Stripe’s Chief Revenue Officer.