Typeform powers its subscriptions globally with Stripe

Typeform helps businesses create dynamic online forms and surveys for a variety of use cases.

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Typeform needed to implement a global billing system that would allow it to charge monthly and annual subscription fees to customers. The billing solution needed to integrate with their existing systems and processes. Additionally, Typeform was looking to add payments functionality to its forms, to allow its customers to collect payments for orders.


Typeform chose Stripe Billing as its global solution for managing subscriptions. Billing’s flexibility allowed Typeform to quickly create new and customized pricing plans, and Billing’s integrations helped with handling tax and financial reporting. Typeform also chose Stripe Connect to enable its customers to collect payments within a typeform.


Typeform offers a flexible billing experience for their customers with three pricing plans that can be billed monthly or annually and changed any time. They were also able to save time on their tax and financial reporting process by removing internal, manual processes. By using Connect to add payments capabillities to their typeforms, Typeform was able to open up a new revenue stream for the company.

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