Boost revenue with higher authorisation rates

The world’s leading e-commerce, SaaS, and marketplace brands use Stripe to optimise payments, reduce churn, and improve network acceptance rates – generating billions of dollars in incremental revenue each year.

Grow revenue end to end

Accept more transactions and reduce declines with a suite of optimisations informed by trillions of data points.

Retain high LTV customers

Keep card information up-to-date automatically to avoid involuntary churn and checkout friction, and retry failed transactions at the optimal time.

Fight fraud and boost auth rates

See an up to 8% reduction in fraud and a 1%–2% authorisation rate uplift on eligible volume with Stripe’s Enhanced Issuer Network.

Work with payments experts

Reach your goals with integration advice, workshops, data analysis, and tailored recommendations for large businesses to optimise your payments.

Smart routing and revenue recovery

Set up each payment for success

Prevent lost revenue with real-time retries and optimised network messaging, which use the preferred formatting for issuing banks.

Adaptive Acceptance

  • Uses machine learning to optimise authorisation requests for issuers
  • Identifies optimised retry messaging and routing combinations to recover 10% of false declines, amounting to billions of dollars globally

Smart Retries

  • Reduces declines for recurring charges by up to 30% using smart dunning
  • Addresses insufficient funds declines by identifying the optimal day and time to retry a payment

Issuer and network partnerships

Tap into the industry’s richest data to improve performance

Stripe has direct connections to card networks to ensure our data is as rich as possible. Our industry-first Enhanced Issuer Network enables card issuers to make more informed decisions about whether to authorise transactions.

Enhanced Issuer Network

  • Comprises a growing number of major US and European issuers, including Capital One and Discover
  • Provides issuers with secure access to transaction fraud scores from Stripe Radar
  • Helps businesses achieve an up to 8% reduction in fraud and a 1%–2% authorisation rate uplift on eligible volume

Direct platform

  • Connects to Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and local networks through a single integration
  • Reduces latency and improves reliability with Stripe’s direct integrations with global card networks and issuers

Life-cycle management

Prevent churn with up-to-date payment information

Mitigate involuntary churn with features that keep customers’ payment information up-to-date, even if a card has been replaced since their last interaction.

Network tokens

Stripe supports network tokens for Visa, Mastercard, and American Express volume. Our machine learning-powered optimisation determines when to use a network token versus primary account number to improve acceptance rates. Businesses can use Stripe to provision tokens or bring external tokens for processing.

Card account updater

Card account updater accesses updated card information in real time to prevent payment failures. Stripe supports card account updater on Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover volume, including cross-brand updates.

Optimised authentication

Protect your checkout experience

Strike the right balance between conversion, cost, and fraud mitigation with Stripe’s machine learning–based authentication. Our SCA optimisation engine and delegated authentication solution help you meet SCA requirements while reducing checkout friction for your customers.

Authentication engine

Maximise conversion by automatically requesting available SCA exemptions. This reduces checkout interruptions, while optimising costs, with machine learning–powered authentication routing.

Advanced services

Import 3D Secure authentication results from external providers for authorisation, or authenticate with Stripe and submit authorisation later. You can also improve conversion and lower fraud through data-only flows using EMV 3D Secure standard.

Delegated authentication

Use biometrics to authenticate users faster and with higher conversion rates than traditional 3D Secure while still reducing fraud. Delegated authentication is expanding soon to more issuers.

Rich insights

Understand drivers of authorisation rates

Use the Acceptance report in the Stripe Dashboard to visualise and monitor payments performance, understand incremental value and ROI of payments optimisations, and detect anomalies.

Stripe Dashboard report showing declined payments

Part of your team

Refine your payments performance with expert input

Our team comprises veterans of financial networks, consultancies, leading brands, and industry groups. We offer advice on changing regulations, integration best practices, and engineering assistance to future-proof your integration and boost conversion. Consider Stripe your advocate for concerns related to card networks and other financial partners.

Learn more about optimising authorisation rates

Familiarise yourself with how to manage authorisation rates and learn how to reduce the number of legitimate payments that fail.

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