KINTO uses PayPack to save its team 6+ hours per day by connecting Stripe to NetSuite

KINTO is a Japanese-based producer of home and lifestyle goods dedicated to creating thoughtful objects that bring comfort and inspiration to customers’ everyday lives. The company teamed with PayPack—a no-code, same-day integration solution developed by Nova Module—to scale quickly by giving KINTO’s team access to Stripe directly from NetSuite without any added development time.

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For more than 50 years, KINTO has provided its customers with products that help fill life’s simple moments with beautiful objects—be it a favorite mug or an elegant vase. The Japanese-based brand launched its US subsidiary in 2019, and as a new part of the organization, KINTO USA adopted its own suite of software solutions to support its operations. This included an enterprise resource planning platform (ERP) and Stripe for payment processing.

But when KINTO USA’s previous ERP was acquired by another organization, it saw a chance to find a solution that would integrate well with Stripe to automate some of the team’s work. KINTO USA implemented NetSuite, the ERP used across the organization's other regions, and the next step was to connect the platforms to reduce manual processing and logging of payments. “At the beginning, our payment gateway wasn’t integrated with NetSuite,” said Denis Dumas-Meseguer, chief strategy officer at KINTO USA. “This meant that the team had to manually reconcile every payment with every order and invoice, which was taking hours of work.”

The team had to manually connect more than 80% of payments in Stripe to their corresponding invoice in NetSuite and mark it as paid. They needed a way to connect the two systems quickly and save them from constantly going back and forth between the platforms. They knew that automating these processes could both better support its customers and its internal teams and help accelerate its US office’s growth.


To implement these changes quickly, KINTO USA turned to PayPack. Stripe Payments and Stripe Elements have given KINTO the ability to easily create branded checkout pages where customers can pay with a wide range of payment options that match their preferences. Beyond this, the team uses Stripe Link to autofill customer details, giving returning users a faster checkout process. KINTO selected PayPack because, as a no-code SuiteApp solution, it allows KINTO to connect Stripe to NetSuite quickly to help process transactions, sync records, and more.

The connection also allows KINTO to improve its checkout flow—for instance, replacing a web form the team was using to collect payment information. “We had some customers asking us to verify if their information was secure,” Rodriguez said. “It was, but being able to use Stripe with NetSuite makes the experience more cohesive and gives our customers an experience that feels like the KINTO brand.”


Integrated Stripe and NetSuite in less than one week

With PayPack, KINTO was able to connect Stripe with NetSuite in just a few days. “Implementation was quick and easy to follow,” said Sydney Rodriguez, east coast sales coordinator at KINTO USA. “We had a short call with PayPack to go over the basics, and then it was all just working.”

While PayPack managed the implementation process, KINTO was able to keep up with its day-to-day operations uninterrupted. Once the integration was complete, the team could use Stripe from NetSuite without having to learn new workflows. “Once the payment processor was installed, we were able to start using Stripe directly from NetSuite right away,” said Maximilien Espinosa, order management specialist at KINTO USA.

6+ hours per day saved on manual payment processing tasks

With the two platforms connected, KINTO fully automated an eight-step reconciliation process. “I was spending six or seven minutes moving all of the information around for every transaction, and with PayPack connecting everything, that’s down to maybe 30 seconds,” said Rodriguez.

The more than six hours per day that KINTO has saved by automating payment processing work has freed the team to focus more on its customers. “The extra time is great, but we’ve also seen 99.9% of our discrepancies disappear. Everything’s easier, the customers feel safer, and we can put our attention to working with them instead of managing payments,” Espinosa said. Additional hours in the day means KINTO’s small team has a greater capacity to support and grow its client base.

After monitoring and calculating the cost of the solution and the dollars saved in operation hours, KINTO USA has earned a more than 91% return on investment from working with PayPack.

Improved customer satisfaction by processing orders faster and more securely

With PayPack, KINTO has been able to use direct links for payment submissions to give customers unique, secure payment pages. Since the links are connected to Stripe, any returning customer’s forms are prepopulated to reduce friction during checkout on the front end and accelerate order processing on the back end. “Being able to see their name, where the order is going, and who the order is from, on a single page, means we’re managing fewer customer support calls,” Espinosa said. “That tells me our customers trust our process.”

Most of KINTO’s orders require prepayments, and by using PayPack, the company can set prepayment percentages directly from NetSuite. Custom prepayment percentages allow KINTO to build more flexible payment options for customers and charge them accordingly.

Automation helps KINTO grow its local payment methods

For new organizations or new subsidiaries like KINTO USA, efficiency makes all the difference for meeting market demands. As a company with physical products, efficiency means accelerating how orders are sent to shelves, sold, and reordered. “We work on a prepaid model, so no orders are shipped before they’re paid,” Dumas-Meseguer said. “With PayPack, we’ve become super efficient in sending payment links and receiving those payments. The faster we can process payments, the faster we can ship products, receive new reorders, and grow as a company.”

Looking ahead, KINTO sees more ways PayPack can help scale internationally with local payment methods. “It’s my role to look ahead and try to anticipate what we’ll need for our next stage of growth,” Dumas-Meseguer said. “For example, we’re excited to start accepting ACH payments through PayPack. We see opportunities to use other currencies as we open to international sales. PayPack’s commitment to developing new solutions makes me feel confident that we’ll be working with them for years to come.”

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PayPack, designed by Nova Module, is a Stripe-powered SuiteApp—apps that extend NetSuite for specific industry and business needs—that provides NetSuite users with an integrated payment processing solution. Users can process transactions, sync payment records, and manage payment information from Stripe without leaving NetSuite. Learn more about PayPack.

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