At The Cauldron, an evening out turns magical

The international entertainment studio creates immersive magical experiences at its eight fantasy-forward restaurants.

The dining and entertainment industries are always evolving, but few companies create experiences as novel and exciting as The Cauldron Co., a technology-led entertainment studio that brings immersive magical experiences to consumers around the world.

The Cauldron has eight fantasy-forward restaurants—in Brighton, Edinburgh, Philadelphia, Chicago, two in New York City, and two in London—offering wizard-themed cocktail and wand-making classes, as well as an online store selling whimsical sweets like Original Freeze-Dried Fairie Droppings, and a cosplay bundle complete with a cast iron cauldron.

“It was hugely entertaining. The staff were very engaging, hugely interactive with us. And we just really enjoyed the energy,” said Gina McCabe, who visited The Cauldron NYC with friends in November 2022 while on vacation from Dublin.

The Cauldron’s goal isn’t just to entertain—it’s also to educate.

Matthew Cortland, cofounder of The Cauldron, has two master’s degrees: one in education and social change, the other in creative digital media. After completing both, he wanted to bring people in contact with magic, and to use those magical experiences to teach people about science and technology.

“You're learning how to make a drink, you're learning how to do some aspect of science. You are also having fun,” Cortland said.

New loans, new restaurants

Stripe’s payments platform allows The Cauldron to manage online ticket sales while offering merchandise and drink add-ons at the time of purchase.

“Stripe is hyper important to what we're doing because it's how we're accepting people's payments when they make a table reservation with us,” Cortland said.

The company also benefits from loans with Stripe Capital. Through the money it borrowed, The Cauldron opened two new restaurants in 2023, one in Chicago and a second New York City venue.

The Cauldron plans to begin franchising in the US, and will launch The Cauldron Foundation, an internal branch of the company that will do charitable work in education as well as LGBTQ advocacy. The heroes of magical stories are often individuals who have been ostracized for their differences, so “fantasy really speaks to people that have felt marginalized,” Cortland said.

"As both a queer person and business owner of a fantasy-inspired company, it's very important to me that everyone is welcome within our venues,” said Cortland.