Create physical and virtual cards for your business

Stripe Issuing allows you to easily create, manage, and scale a commercial card program without any setup fees. Get started in minutes and control every detail of your program, from card design to approving transactions in real time.

For fintech-focused businesses

Build a flexible card program for your business needs

We’ve taken the same approach to issuing that we took with payments – building easy-to-use features that simplify a traditionally complex process.

Launch a program in days

Process $1 or $1 million with the same easy-to-use API and no setup fees. Distribute cards in days and establish a program that can grow with you.

Program cards for your needs

Create cards that work exactly as you configured them. Make real-time decisions on charges, set spending limits or designate virtual cards for one-time use.

Earn a share of interchange

Reach a certain transaction volume threshold and get a percentage of the interchange revenue earned from all card purchases.

Operate across Stripe products

Move money within Stripe to bypass traditional transfer delays. Combine Issuing with Connect, Treasury, or Capital for a seamless way to fund cards.

Complete oversight

Dynamic spend controls

Control expenses and prevent fraud by setting spending limits, blocking merchant categories, or creating advanced combinations of rules. Update your spending controls at any time from your Dashboard or through our API.

Precise controls

Real-time authorisation

Participate in the authorisation flow and make real-time decisions on every charge to maintain complete control over card transactions.

Consistent brand identity

Branded physical cards

Design your own branded cards and card carriers. Our team will handle card production, fulfillment, and shipping to get physical cards to users within three days and virtual cards instantly.

Touchless transactions

Digital wallet support

Cardholders can load virtual and physical cards into their digital wallets to enable instant and secure access to funds, however they choose to pay – online, in-app, or in-store.


Issue custom cards in seconds

Get started easily with transparent pricing and no setup costs.

Card creation

Create and issue cards instantly and get branded physical cards shipped in as little as three days.

  • Branded card designs
  • Issue cards through Connect
  • Multiple shipping options
  • Push provisioning to digital wallets
€0.10 per virtual card
€3 per physical card

Card transactions

Set custom controls for every transaction and update them at any time.

  • Flexible API to manage cards
  • Dynamic spend controls
  • Real-time authorisations
  • Enhanced transaction data
for the first €500,000 in card transactions
0.2 % + €0.20 per transaction after that


Dispute transactions on issued cards.

€15 per lost dispute

International payments

Issuing is available in 20 countries. Additional fees apply for international cards and currency conversion.

1% + €0.30 for cross-border transactions
If currency conversion is required, an additional 2% fee will apply

Custom economics

If you’re a business with a large transaction volume or unique business model, reach out to discuss custom economics and interchange revenue sharing.

Revenue share available

Get started in the Dashboard or contact sales

Issue, distribute, and manage physical and virtual spending cards for your users.

Add money accounts

With a single integration, enable your customers to hold funds, pay bills, earn yield, and manage cash flow.

Extend Capital

Help your customers access the funds they need to accelerate growth with fast and flexible financing.

Cards offered through Stripe Issuing are issued by Stripe’s bank partners. Visa® Commercial Credit Cards issued by Celtic Bank, a Utah-Chartered Industrial Bank (Member FDIC).