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Our partners build technology and software that bring more businesses online, enable new types of businesses, and help them work more effectively. We’ve designed a programme to help accelerate and amplify their impact.

Who partners with Stripe?

Thousands of companies, including platforms, plugin builders and extension developers, work with Stripe.

Platform partners

Add payments to your platform

Partnering with Stripe is the fastest way to let businesses or individuals who use your platform accept payments. Whether you build software for retailers, accountants or gyms, partnering with Stripe helps you create new revenue streams and scale internationally.

Stripe Connect gives platforms the tools to easily support multi-party payments and pay sellers in over 50 countries.

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  • surveymonkey
  • universe
  • hubspot
Extension Partners

Extend the Stripe platform

Reach the millions of businesses using Stripe by building powerful tools and extensions. More than 30% of our fastest-growing customers use one or more extensions to manage different parts of their business, including analytics, accounting, email, expenses, shipping and more.

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Additional partner types

Plugin Partners

Reach thousands of businesses that use Stripe plugins to accept payments on popular self-hosted and open-source platforms like WordPress, Magento and PrestaShop.

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Service Partners

Support businesses who are looking for help with integrating or scaling on Stripe. Get notified when our programme supports agencies, freelance developers and consultants.

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Incubators and accelerators

If you’re an accelerator or early-stage investor that helps entrepreneurs and high-growth startups, get in touch.

More ways to partner

If you’re building something new and looking for a unique way to partner with Stripe, we’d love to hear from you.

Why partner with Stripe?

The Stripe Partner Program is designed to help you launch faster, build new experiences, grow revenue, and reach more customers.

The right technology changes what’s possible

Adding payments to platforms can be complex and time-consuming. With Stripe’s flexible payments APIs, partners can build new product experiences quickly while Stripe handles the rest. Stripe also helps partners meet global compliance and regulatory obligations and continuously iterates to add the latest payment technologies. And if you’re building a business tool, Stripe’s standard OAuth flows let you easily extend our platform.

Outsized impact for teams of all sizes

Partnering with Stripe means spending less time maintaining payment systems, and having more time to focus on core customer and product experiences. Stripe helps even small teams have disproportionate impact.

  • PCI compliance
    Stripe is certified as a PCI Level 1 Service Provider, the highest level of payments certification available.
  • Regulatory licences
    Rely on Stripe's global payments certifications and regulatory licences to design funds flows that fit your business’s needs.
  • 24×7 customer support
    Let Stripe’s support teams handle payments-related support questions through phone, chat and email.
  • Comprehensive security
    Stripe’s systems are built for scale in close partnership with world-class security experts.
  • Payout setup
    Stripe handles collecting and storing each seller's bank account information – sensitive data never hits your servers.
  • Loss liability
    Platforms with Standard accounts can leave it to Stripe to manage credit and fraud incidents directly with the seller.
  • Reduce fraud
    Minimise fraud using machine learning that trains on data across the Stripe network.
  • 50+ countries
    Pay out sellers anywhere Stripe operates without having to establish separate local subsidiaries.
  • 135+ currencies
    Let customers pay in their preferred currency to help them avoid foreign exchange costs and to improve conversions.
  • Global optimisations
    Reduce decline rates by dynamically enabling payments to be processed centrally or locally.
  • Flexible funds routing
    Get sellers and service providers paid faster, reduce errors and minimise reconciliation work with Stripe’s fund routing infrastructure.
  • Payouts in 15+ currencies
    Enable sellers and service providers to get paid in their preferred currencies.
  • Seller dashboards
    Provide a full-featured dashboard that lets sellers and service providers view and manage their payments.
  • Automatic card updater
    Keep payment details up-to-date automatically. Stripe works directly with card networks to update expired payment details.
    Stripe’s dynamic risk-based KYC/AML system helps you handle identity verification.
  • Funds reclamation
    Stripe initiates debits to help recover negative balances from sellers on your platform.
  • New revenue streams
    Create new revenue streams by earning a revenue share on online card payments or collecting a fee on your customers’ payment flows.
  • Local payment methods
    Support popular and local payment methods from around the world.
  • Consumer wallets
    Let customers check out faster with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other popular digital wallets.
  • iOS and Android SDKs
    Easily and securely collect payment information with Stripe’s native libraries.
  • Recurring billing
    Help businesses on your platform set up recurring payments.

Reach more customers

We’ve distilled best practices across thousands of partners to help you launch faster and go to market more effectively.

Be discovered by Stripe businesses

With a listing in our curated partners gallery, reach Stripe businesses looking for platforms and tools to start and scale their operations.

Learn from the Stripe network

Get best practices across a range of topics, including tried and tested go-to-market strategies and ways to optimise your integration.

Accelerate your go-to-market

Promote your integration with co-branded materials. We’ve put together ready-to-use resources to help your teams and customers.

  • docusign
  • sage
  • simplepractice
  • avalara
  • segment
  • Many agreements have financial terms and our customers have requested the ability to easily and automatically collect payments when contracts or documents are signed. Stripe helped us close this gap by powering our DocuSign Payments offering.

    Ron Hirson

    Chief Product Officer

  • Businesses worldwide spend on average 15 working days chasing late payments – this is unacceptable. These problems can be easily fixed with the right technology solutions, and partnering with Stripe helps us effectively solve this pressing problem for businesses.

    Seamus Smith

    Executive Vice President of Payments and Banking

  • Stripe allows us to enable health and wellness professionals to start accepting credit cards within minutes instead of days. Without Stripe, we would probably have to create a dedicated team just to handle credit card payments.

    Ralph Zimmermann

    Co-founder and CTO

  • Our partnership with Stripe helps us deliver a seamless experience for our shared customers. It's important that Avalara’s tax calculations are embedded within the Stripe flow, so at that moment of purchase, accurate sales tax appears automatically.

    Marshal Kushniruk

    EVP of Business Development and Head of Product

  • Stripe plays a crucial role for many of our customers when it comes to understanding how payments affect the customer journey. Together, we’ve been able to help hundreds of companies grow faster and improve their customer experience.

    Calvin French-Owen

    Co-founder and CTO

  • Docusign
  • Sage
  • Simplepractice
  • Avalara
  • Segment

Join the Stripe Partner Programme

Whether you’re adding payments to your platform or developing a new extension, we’re excited to see what you’ll build with Stripe.

Register as a Stripe Partner

By registering, you can access our documentation and best practices to help you launch faster and more effectively.

  • Build reliable & scalable integrations by following technical best practices
  • Launch and scale using our optimised go-to-market strategies
  • Help customers with pre-built marketing resources and customised FAQs 
  • Get regular partner updates about new Stripe products and features 


Qualify for revenue share

By applying, platform partners can qualify to earn a revenue share on online card payments volume.

  • Turn payments into a source of revenue without adding any additional fees for your users 
  • Start earning once you reach an annual run rate of $1 million USD in payments volume 

Integration requirements

Apply to be a Stripe Verified PartnerInvite only

By getting verified, you’ll receive additional support to accelerate your growth.

  • Reach new customers with a listing in the Stripe partners directory or get featured in the Stripe sign-up flow 
  • Grow faster with a ready-made marketing toolkit that includes customisable, co-branded resources
  • Help your customers get the most out of your Stripe integration with additional resources, including the ability to escalate support questions or request custom pricing reviews 
  • Meet the Stripe team at invite-only events, webinars and 1-on-1 consultations

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