Fast, automated payouts for your business

Businesses use Stripe Connect to accept funds and pay out millions of third parties. Connect Payouts gives you the same funds routing, recipient UIs, and compliance capabilities for just your business’s payouts—no matter how you accept funds. With Connect Payouts, you can onboard and pay your recipients quickly, with less manual work. Connect Payouts is currently only available in the US.

Since implementing Connect Payouts, sellers are paid automatically in three days or less—they love it and regularly mention it in Yelp reviews. Dennis Bron Head of Growth and Business Intelligence

Pay recipients faster

Mailing physical checks to recipients can take weeks. Delight your sellers or service providers by getting them paid as fast as the next business day. Connect Payouts speeds up your entire payouts process with scheduled, automatic payments or with quick one-off payouts in the Dashboard.


  • KYC
  • AML
  • OFAC and sanctions
  • Bad actor screening
  • IRS 1099 facilitation
  • Card industry denylist filter

Reduce compliance work

Paying out your recipients can be onerous due to payment industry requirements including compliance with card network rules, money transmission regulations, and tax reporting. Connect Payouts abstracts away this complexity by providing you with the same onboarding and verification flows that power the world’s leading marketplaces and platforms.

Uploading payouts data
Verifying recipient data
Issuing payments
Reporting payouts
Tracking balances
Error handling
1099 generation

Eliminate tedious tasks

Stop issuing and mailing physical checks, uploading files, and scrolling through disorganized payout data to find and fix issues. Automation helps skip hours of operational overhead and improves payout accuracy by reducing human error.

How it works


Collect funds

Accept money from customers with your existing payment solution or with Stripe.


Select user experience

Use Connect Express’s onboarding or build your own experience. View pricing for Connect.


Add funds

Top up your Stripe account with funds from a linked bank account.


Pay recipients

Send money through the Dashboard or via the API. If applicable, use Connect to generate your 1099s.

Explore the docs

You can use Connect Payouts through the Dashboard or via the API. Learn more by exploring our docs.

Learn more
We were wasting countless hours manually tracking our payouts to sellers with ACH. When we switched to Connect Payouts, we were able to automate our payout process while rapidly scaling our business. It’s saved us a ton of engineering work and tracking has been significantly easier.
Jenny Gonsalves VP of Engineering
We chose Connect Payouts because we wanted a solution that eased compliance burdens and let us launch quickly. In just two weeks, our customers could pay out hundreds of people on demand. Now, we can focus on delivering value to customers without getting lost in payment processing complexities.
Dylan Goldfus CEO
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