Facilitate payments on your platform

Stripe Connect can help you create your own payments service and grow your platform’s revenue – whether you’re building software for retailers, non-profits, or landlords.

Deeply integrated payments

Embed payments into your software platform for a seamless user experience – from onboarding to payouts.

New lines of revenue

Monetise payments on your platform through markup or revenue share and add new lines of business with additional products like in-person payments.

Launch faster

Go live faster with a single global integration that minimises operational complexity and development resources.

Built for scale

Whether you’re just getting started or onboarding millions of customers, Stripe makes it easy to integrate and add more features as you grow.

Integrated payments experience

Create your own payments service

Make your software platform more valuable to customers by embedding Stripe’s powerful payments technology. Connect helps you offer payments as a service to your customers and get up and running quickly.
  • No-code setup for your customers
  • Single, global platform for accepting all payments
  • Frictionless one-click checkout with Link
  • Fast payouts
  • Co-branded with Stripe or fully white-labelled

Online and in-person payments

Fareharbor partnered with Stripe to let its tour and activity operators accept online and in-person payments. It uses Stripe’s conversion-optimised UI to easily onboard and verify businesses in 20+ markets around the world.

Invoices and online payments

Xero partnered with Stripe to let businesses add a “pay” button to their invoices to collect online payments instantly. By adding payments to invoicing, Xero helped its customers get paid up to 15 days faster.

Add lines of revenue

Monetise payments on your platforms

In addition to being a useful feature for your customers, payments can be a revenue stream and competitive advantage for your platform. Stripe can help you monetise payments and add new lines of business with features like in-person payments, lending, and more.

  • Quickly launch a payments service using Stripe
  • Earn a portion of each transaction with a markup or revenue share
  • Customise payments pricing for your customers
  • Monetise instant payouts and other products

Global scale and compliance

Accelerate international expansion

Reduce compliance risk

Requirements for payments facilitation vary significantly by country, business model, and transaction type. Stripe can help manage the complexity of compliance, licensing, and card network rules, so you can expand faster and decrease operational overhead. Connect automatically updates to help meet the latest payments compliance requirements – without any changes required to your integration.

Go live around the world faster

Reach customers around the world and enable payments acceptance with one integration – no need to establish local entities or banking relationships. Launch in new countries using the same API and with no additional development work. Platforms powered by Connect get out-of-the-box access to hundreds of global Stripe Payments features.

Case studies

Squarespace uses Connect to expand to ecommerce

Squarespace allows anyone to build a beautiful online presence. E-Commerce capabilities were one of the top requests from users.


Squarespace partnered with Stripe to launch Squarespace Commerce, increasing its user base by delivering a platform that supports full-scale e-commerce stores.


Stripe helped Squarespace integrate payments quickly and easily – and in a way that matched its brand experience, with flexible payment options and an optimised checkout experience.


Mindbody uses Connect to unify online and offline payments

Mindbody builds business management software that serves gyms, spas and salons worldwide.


Mindbody integrated Connect and Terminal to enable its customers to accept payments online and in-person. Using Stripe’s global platform, Mindbody was able to extend its global footprint to Hong Kong and Singapore.


With Stripe, Mindbody was able to expand to new regions faster while keeping its engineering resources focused on its core wellness product.


Stripe’s value is they are a true partner, helping us roadmap our global expansion and work through local challenges. You don’t often see this type of strategic partnership with other payment vendors.

Dan Chandre, VP of strategic development

Jobber uses Connect to simplify payments

Jobber helps home service businesses organise and run their operations.


Jobber partnered with Stripe to launch Jobber Payments, which allows its customers to easily collect payments at every stage of a home service project without needing to write any code.


Jobber’s customers appreciate moving away from paper cheques and now get paid in hours instead of weeks.


DocuSign uses Connect to add a new line of business

For years, DocuSign customers had requested the ability to collect signatures and payments in one step.


DocuSign partnered with Stripe to launch DocuSign Payments, making it possible for customers to request payment within the signature process.


With Stripe, DocuSign was able to add a new line of revenue and attract new customers who need to accept payments as part of the signature process.


Learn how to use Connect to integrate payments into your platform

We recommend using Connect with Standard accounts to add payments to your platform. Standard accounts are quick to set up and include:
  • A conversion-optimised onboarding UI
  • A powerful reporting and analytics dashboard for your customers
  • Stripe taking on responsibility for account losses

Solutions for platforms

Platforms are using Stripe to help their customers add subscriptions, protect against fraud, access capital, and more.

Pricing for any business model

Usage-based and flexible with competitive rates.