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Embed financial services in your platform

Stripe Treasury is a banking-as-a-service API that lets you embed financial services in your marketplace or platform. With a single integration, enable your customers to hold funds, pay bills, earn yield, and manage cash flow.

How it works


Stripe Treasury provides the modular components you need to build a full-featured, scalable financial product for your customers. We’ve partnered with banks to enable ACH and electronic transfers, FDIC pass-through insurance-eligible accounts*, and faster access to payments funds**, all within your platform.

Building blocks for financial services

const account = await stripe.accounts.create({ country: 'US', capabilities: { treasury: {requested: true}, issuing: {requested: true} } }); const treasury_account = await stripe.treasury.accounts.create({ account: account.token, currency: 'usd' });
const financial_account = await stripe.financial_account.retrieve({ id: 'fa_123', stripe_account: '{{CONNECTED_STRIPE_ACCOUNT_ID}}', }); //Financial Account Balances const availableBalance =; const inboundPendingBalance = financial_account.balance.inbound_pending; const outboundPendingBalance = financial_account.balance.outbound_pending;
await stripe.accounts.update( account.token, { payouts: { schedule: {delay_days: 0, interval: 'hourly'} } } ); await my_custom_event_handler( 'received_credits', (received_credit) =﹥ { await stripe.withdrawal.create({ description: 'Transfer 30% of credits to Capital repayment account', type: 'balance_transfer', account: treasury_account.token, amount: received_credit.amount * 0.30, currency: 'usd', payment_method_data: { account: capital_loan_account.token, } }); });
await{ currency: 'usd', type: 'physical', source_balance: treasury_account.token });

Create accounts

Create an account object with a single API request. Onboard users, verify identity, and provision an account with one of our bank partners in minutes.
  • ID verification
  • KYC checks
  • Sanctions screening
  • MATCH list checks

Store funds

Establish a store of funds and configure the properties of your financial product.
  • FDIC pass-through insurance-eligible*
  • Ability to earn yield
  • Account number
  • Routing number

Move money

Enable different ways to transfer funds in and out of an account.
  • Domestic wires
  • ACH credits and debits
  • Mobile check deposit (coming soon)
  • Online check send (coming soon)
  • Faster payments fund availability

Attach payment cards

Issue custom payment cards to give users more ways to spend their funds.
  • Branded physical and virtual cards
  • Provision virtual cards to digital wallets
  • Ship physical cards in two business days
  • Dynamic spend controls
  • Real-time authorisations
  • Access funds at ATMs

Built with trusted bank partners

Stripe Treasury is built in partnership with a network of banks, including Goldman Sachs and Evolve Bank & Trust, to enable you to embed banking services in your platform. We’ve taken care of the upfront bank negotiations, compliance processes, and regulatory requirements. By combining Stripe’s technology, a streamlined setup and the proven foundation of our bank partners, it’s frictionless to get started and effortless to scale.

Software platforms

Stripe Treasury

  • Frictionless user onboarding
  • FDIC pass-through insurance-eligible account*
  • Faster access to funds**
  • Pre-built workflows
  • Reliable compliance and risk management
  • Global money movement

Bank partners

Use cases

Deliver the right solution to your customers

With Stripe Treasury, platforms can create a simple stored-value account, a full-featured bank account replacement, and anything in between. It’s straightforward to add capabilities, so you can experiment and iterate to build the best product for your customers. Launch quickly, increase engagement, and create new lines of revenue for your platform.

Bank account replacement

Create an FDIC insurance-eligible account that can allow your platform customers to earn yield, supports remote check deposit, and facilitates ACH and wire transfers to pay contractors and vendors.

Open loop wallet

Create a simple stored-value account that can be topped up through payments or transfers, and used to make purchases within or outside of your platform.

Payout card

Pay on-demand workers via a stored-value account to offer immediate access to their earnings. Create a payment card that’s linked to the account with Stripe Issuing.

Product operations account

Issue cards for on-demand workers to complete in-person purchases and fulfil orders. Set up a balance to fund each card and add spend limits to better manage operations.

Have something else in mind?

Get in touch and we’ll help you explore how you can build a custom financial product that’s right for your customers.

Case study

Shopify uses Stripe Treasury to power Shopify Balance

Shopify is a leading global commerce company, providing trusted tools to start, grow, market, and manage a retail business of any size. With Shopify Balance, merchants get a one-stop-shop to manage their funds, pay bills, and track expenses. This gives them easier access to financial products and greater control over their finances.


Dealing with banking and financial services is an essential part of running a business, yet most of today’s banking services aren’t designed for the needs of independent business owners.


Shopify Balance offers Shopify merchants a fast, simple, and integrated way to manage their funds. Built on Stripe Treasury, Shopify Balance enables merchants to obtain critical financial products and oversee their finances – all within Shopify.


Stripe Treasury gives us the flexibility to customise Shopify Balance specifically for our merchants. By building across Stripe’s payments and banking infrastructure, we’ve been able to give Shopify merchants access to critical financial products that meet their needs, like faster access to funds and rewards, helping them further grow their businesses.

Tui Allen, Senior Product Lead for Banking at Shopify

Fully integrated

Create a better Stripe experience for your customers

Once you’ve integrated with Stripe Connect, you can quickly onboard users onto your new product and rely on Stripe’s global infrastructure to facilitate faster money movement between accounts.

Seamless onboarding and verification

Stripe Treasury relies on the same proven workflows as Connect to quickly get users up and running. Stripe handles identity verification to meet KYC and compliance requirements, all while optimising conversion.

Faster access to revenue

Stripe Treasury integrates with Stripe Payments to give you greater control over the speed of funds on your platform. With Stripe, you can facilitate faster money movement to let your customers more quickly access their funds.

Smarter financing for your customers

Stripe Capital provides platforms with an end-to-end lending API that enables you to provide access to financing to help your customers grow their businesses. When paired with Stripe Treasury, you’ll get a more complete picture of your customers’ financial profile, making it easier for your customers to obtain the right size loan, at the right time.

Create and manage cards

Issue, distribute, and manage physical and virtual spending cards for your users.

Extend capital

Help your customers access the funds they need to accelerate growth with fast and flexible financing.

*Stripe Treasury Accounts are eligible for FDIC pass-through deposit insurance if they meet certain requirements. The accounts are eligible only to the extent pass-through insurance is permitted by the rules and regulations of the FDIC, and if the requirements for pass-through insurance are satisfied. The FDIC insurance applies up to 250,000 USD per depositor, per financial institution, for deposits held in the same ownership capacity. Stripe is not a federally insured deposit institution. FDIC insurance applies only in the event of the failure of an FDIC-insured bank.

**Faster Funds eligibility is subject to approval by Stripe

Stripe Treasury is provided in the US by Stripe Payments Company, licensed money transmitter, with funds held at Stripe's bank partners, Members FDIC. Card and other credit products are provided by Celtic Bank, Member FDIC and serviced by Stripe, Inc. and its affiliate Stripe Servicing, Inc.