Cold Fusion helps Kashika optimise payments to enable faster growth

Kashika is a Japan-based visualisation consulting, UI/UX development and software development firm. Katachi Space is an arm of Kashika that enables everyday consumers to use augmented reality (AR) to support their purchasing decisions.

Headquartered in Sapporo, Japan, Cold Fusion, Inc. is a game development and consulting firm that partners with Stripe to provide its clients with fully serverless payment processing.

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Kentaro Oku founded Kashika five years ago with the goal of helping businesses, such as television broadcasting companies, visualise their enormous amounts of data in an easy-to-understand manner to accelerate and support corporate decision-making. One of Kashika’s own services, Katachi Space, was created to help general consumers more easily use 3D technology designed for professionals. For example, with Katachi Space, a consumer can use their smartphone before purchasing to replicate a product in real size via AR in their living space and visualise their life after purchase.

Having established a foothold in Japan, Kashika wanted to expand its business, particularly its Katachi Space service, overseas. Kashika had been relying on invoices – a preferred payment method in Japan – for domestic payment processing but found the invoicing process much more difficult to implement internationally. Kashika knew it would also need to be able to support multiple languages and currencies in order to access the global market.

Kashika needed a payments system that was flexible and scalable and to support its goal of expanding overseas. And, given its small team size, it wanted a payments platform that would be easy to use and implement.


Consulting firm Cold Fusion proposed Stripe to Kashika for its ease of implementation and lower usage fees, as well as the fact that it could support multiple languages and currencies. Furthermore, as a Stripe partner, Cold Fusion was able to provide the support needed throughout the integration and implementation process. In less than two weeks, Cold Fusion was able to help Kashika integrate Stripe into its Katachi Space system.


Katachi Space serves a broad range of customer types, from large businesses to individual consumers, with many Japanese customers preferring to pay by invoice or credit card payments. Now customers have several options for paying, as Stripe can handle multiple payment methods of any size and frequency. Additionally, all Stripe payments automatically link to Kashika’s accounting system, simplifying and streamlining its backend processes.

Now that Katachi Space has efficiently outsourced payments to Stripe, it can focus on what it does best: creating new and improved products to grow its business, anticipating the needs of its customers, and reaching new users as it scales globally. Kashika is excited to leverage all Stripe’s offerings – including customising its branding for a more cohesive customer experience and adding additional payment methods – to optimise Katachi Space and make it a better service.

We considered other payment services, and Stripe appeared to be the easiest, fastest, and least expensive to implement. The greatest advantage of Stripe is that it allows us to completely outsource payments so that we can focus on providing our services.

Kentaro Oku, Representative Director and Founder

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Fusing together its in-house game engine tech with AWS, Cold Fusion has a demonstrated history of releasing creative, original titles across multiple platforms. It also provides development consulting and services focused on using Stripe for fully serverless payment processing.

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