Urbankissed grows its online marketplace by 150% with Stripe

Urbankissed is an online marketplace for handmade treasures & unique finds from carefully curated small brands that care about their artisans. Their online marketplace is hunting for the most extraordinary brands full of treasures to bring you a range of products that are as unique as you are and will make your heart beat faster.

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With a small in-house development team and limited budget, Urbankissed needed a flexible and affordable solution that easily accepts credit card payments worldwide. They were searching for a platform that could provide an intuitive payments integration, including state-of-the-art features to prevent fraud, improve conversion rates, and accelerate online sales whilst minimising the need for developer resources. Speed and a comprehensive solution were necessary for Urbankissed to enable rapid business expansion.


Urbankissed launched its e-commerce site on CS-Cart with Stripe Payments in 2017. Using the native association between CS-Cart and Stripe, Urbankissed offered its customers a smooth checkout experience from the very beginning. Thanks to Stripe’s flexible integration, Urbankissed can now modify its smart payments settings, detect and block fraud, as well as offer two-step 3DS authentication on every online purchase without requiring the resources of a robust development team.


Urbankissed has been able to roll out a premium checkout experience with minimal development effort, saving over 100 hours in development time. By improving cash flow with three-day payouts and activating a high level of protection against fraud with an automated solution, they saw a 150% growth rate YTD. With Stripe’s extensive list of available payment methods, currency support, and payouts, Urbankissed expedited its international expansion with a single integration. They now support customers from 65 countries across the globe.


Urbankissed now plans to add 20+ local payment methods and reach more global locations with a truly localised customer experience in each market which will boost checkout conversion rates even further.

Moreover, Urbankissed plans to activate the Stripe Connect integration in order to offer a seamless onboarding and payout experience for its carefully curated small and conscious brands. This would allow merchants to improve their cash flow and free Urbankissed to spend more time concentrating on its core business.

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