Powerful, automated onboarding and verification

Connect Onboarding provides conversion-optimized, prebuilt UIs to seamlessly onboard your merchants, minimizing the compliance and operational complexity associated with building your own identity verification and onboarding flows.

Increase conversion

Stripe onboarding flows are conversion-optimized with lessons learned from thousands of platforms to minimize user error and get customers up and running faster.

Manage compliance

Automatic updates keep up with the latest global payments requirements—without any changes to your onboarding integration.

Go global

Stripe provides tools to handle the complexity of scaling internationally, so platforms can expand to new countries with a single integration.

Increase conversion

Onboard more users, faster

Connect Onboarding is designed to maximize conversion on any device and comes with built-in input validation, formatting, and error handling.

Integrated experience

The onboarding flow can be customized to match your company's branding and easily integrates with your existing signup flow so your users have a consistent experience from start to finish.

Friction free

We continually test and iterate, so you can rely on a frictionless onboarding experience to get more users signed up faster.

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Manage compliance

Let Stripe handle merchant onboarding

Every platform needs to handle the complexities that come with onboarding—including payments compliance rules that are regularly updated, and requirements that can vary by business model, financial transaction type, and country.

Verify identity with ease

Connect Onboarding is an out-of-the-box solution that minimizes the need to build your own identity verification flows from scratch. You can also use Financial Connections to instantly link a user’s bank account for payouts and confirm the user owns the account to protect against fraud.

Seamless and secure

We securely collect sensitive personal details and ID documents needed for verification, and handle updates to the UI to meet changing compliance requirements. You can also use Stripe Identity to confirm the identity of your global users to prevent fraud with minimal user friction.

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Go global

Future-proof your onboarding flow

Quickly expand to new markets with a single integration. Whether you have sellers in Tokyo, Munich, or all over the world, Connect Onboarding makes it easy to offer a better signup experience for users anywhere. The UI supports multiple languages in multiple countries, helps you meet local payments compliance requirements, and dynamically updates whenever payments regulations change—without any changes to your integration.

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