Power payments for your marketplace

Whether you run an on-demand, retail, or crowdfunding marketplace, Connect can help you onboard, verify, and pay out your freelancers, sellers, or other recipients at scale.

Onboard users instantly

Sign up new users and get them paid quickly. Take advantage of prebuilt UIs to launch faster and maximize conversion.

Customize the experience

Tailor onboarding options, set payout timing, collect fees, and add your own branding to the user experience.

Simplify compliance

Take advantage of Stripe’s worldwide licenses. Reduce your regulatory and compliance overhead by shifting payments compliance to Stripe.

Pay out globally

Send funds to users in 50+ countries around the world—no need to establish local entities or banking partnerships.


Automated onboarding and verification

Every marketplace needs to handle the complexities that come with onboarding, including evolving compliance requirements that can vary by business model, transaction type, and country. Connect provides the highest-converting onboarding flows, built with Stripe’s learnings from optimizing onboarding experiences for thousands of marketplaces.

Increased conversion

Use conversion-optimized, prebuilt UIs or build your own flows with flexible APIs.

Streamlined requirements

In some countries, all you need is a name and bank account to get started.

Rapid verification

Unlock accelerated onboarding for millions of businesses and individuals that already use Stripe.

Ongoing screening

Stripe regularly screens against updated high-risk lists.


Smart payout engine

Managing payouts comes with significant operational overhead—from uploading spreadsheets to juggling multiple payout providers. Connect offers a powerful global routing and payout engine that makes it easy to send money to users quickly, securely, and without any manual reconciliation work.
  • Automatically track balances
  • Automatically batch earnings into payouts
  • Automatically time transfers
  • Specify payout timing for your users
  • Collect fees for your service
  • Securely tokenize recipient bank account information
  • Support for payouts to 50+ countries
  • Collect payments and payout users, no code required

We were wasting countless hours manually tracking our payouts to sellers with ACH. When we switched to Connect, we were able to automate our payout process while rapidly scaling our business. It’s saved us a ton of engineering work and tracking has been significantly easier.

Jenny Gonsalves, VP of Engineering

Reporting and analytics

Manage your marketplace

The Stripe Dashboard provides a unified hub that lets your finance, operations, and support teams work together to manage payouts for large numbers of people. View reports, manage user information, send funds, issue refunds, handle chargebacks, and more.
  • Full records of all customer transactions on Stripe
  • Let Stripe net out earnings
  • Role-based access control

Global scale and compliance

Accelerate international expansion

Reduce compliance risk

Running a multi-sided marketplace can often mean wrestling with card network rules, money transmission, KYC, tax reporting, and more. Stripe helps minimize regulatory and compliance overhead by simplifying these obligations and automatically updating to meet the latest requirements—no changes required to your integration.

Go live around the world faster

Quickly expand to anywhere Stripe operates without having to establish separate local subsidiaries. Marketplaces built with Connect get out-of-the-box access to the hundreds of global Stripe Payments features.

The world’s leading marketplaces are using Connect


of companies on the a16z Marketplace 100 list use Stripe. Connect helps the largest and fastest-growing marketplaces pay out users faster, accelerate global expansion, and simplify compliance.

Case studies

Lyft uses Connect to pay drivers faster

Lyft’s biggest request from drivers was the ability to get paid more frequently compared to traditional weekly payouts.


Lyft worked with Stripe to build Express Pay, providing drivers the ability to decide when they want to get paid out—typically within a few hours of a ride.


In 6 months, over 40% of all payouts on Lyft were done over Express Pay. Lyft was able to add value for drivers and attract more drivers to their marketplace.


Kickstarter uses Connect to expand globally

Kickstarter’s mission is to help bring creative projects to life by making it easy for entrepreneurs to accept funding from people in any country, currency, and payment method.


Kickstarter worked with Stripe to create local entities in new markets to match creators with backers.


Within months, Kickstarter was able to expand to creators in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Mexico. Today, Kickstarter accepts card payments from customers around the world and more than 80,000 projects have been successfully funded.


Catawiki uses Connect to simplify compliance

Catawiki’s online auction platform is the fastest growing in Europe. As Catawiki entered new markets, it was challenged with new regulations, KYC onboarding, and a stretched engineering team.


Catawiki integrated Stripe Connect to help ensure it stays compliant with payments regulations, while also building a best-in-class user experience for its buyers and sellers.


Partnering with Stripe allowed Catawiki’s developers to minimize the time they needed to spend on complying with local payments regulations and to focus on scaling their global marketplace and increase engineering efficiency instead.


Booking.com uses Connect to enter new countries

Booking.com builds technology to help take the friction out of travel. It looked for a partner to help them launch a marketplace for peer-to-peer rental homes and experiences in new countries.


Booking.com partnered with Stripe to minimize time-to-market, with Connect offering support for its local connected accounts in the US and Canada.


Booking.com used Connect to expand its travel offering into two new countries within weeks.


Try Connect

Learn how to use Connect to power payments for your marketplace

We recommend using Connect with Express accounts to power payments for your marketplace. Express accounts are quick to set up and include:
  • A conversion-optimized, co-branded onboarding UI
  • A simple payouts dashboard for your users to track their funds
  • The ability for you to customize payout timing and pricing

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