Easy Crypto selects Stripe to power payments

One of the world's leading crypto exchanges built and deployed a full payments stack with just two developers in two weeks.

Easy Crypto was founded in 2017 with a mission to ensure everyone has equal, simple, and safe access to cryptocurrency. It pairs an exceptionally easy user experience with educational resources that allow new customers to learn about the crypto economy and transact with confidence. Behind the scenes, Easy Crypto uses Stripe to simplify the integration of payments capabilities, accept more currencies and payment methods, optimize its authorization rates, and combat fraud.

Rapid deployment of a global payments stack

In response to customer demand for more convenient ways to add funds to their accounts, Easy Crypto took advantage of Stripe’s powerful APIs to deploy a complete payments stack and begin accepting credit and debit cards within days. Stripe accepts more than 135 currencies and dozens of payment methods.

“We had just one engineer working on the integration and another engineer implementing the UI/UX changes. With a focus on ease for our customers, it’s great to see how smooth the onboarding of Stripe has been. We were able to complete the Stripe integration in less than two weeks, delighting customers with the most requested feature on our platform: enabling safe and secure credit card transactions,” said Janine Grainger, CEO of Easy Crypto.

Fighting fraud

Easy Crypto also implements Stripe Radar to detect and block fraud using machine learning algorithms that train on data from millions of global companies. Radar integrates seamlessly with other Stripe products, enabling Easy Crypto to fight fraud with zero additional code.

“We are excited to see what Stripe Radar can do for us as we set up our own custom rules to battle fraud and continually evolve our approaches to protect our customers,” said Grainger.

Easy Crypto is one of several of the world’s largest crypto exchanges using Stripe to power payments.

“Stripe is working with many of the most exciting projects in Web3 and supporting the world’s leading crypto brands. Easy Crypto is a great example and we look forward to working with the next wave of crypto projects to enable faster, cheaper, safer and more accessible payments,” said Cyril Mathew, crypto partnerships lead at Stripe.