We Are Knitters expands into 15 international markets with Stripe

We Are Knitters is a popular e-commerce site with a community of
400,000 clients across the globe. The company has modernised knitting, now selling more than 20,000 trendy kits and products each month.

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We Are Knitters is based in Spain and wanted to expand internationally to new markets such as the United States, France and Germany rapidly, where there was significant opportunity with audiences who appreciate knitwear. In this expansion, We Are Knitters wanted to build trust with clients in each unique market, which meant localising the checkout experience. It needed a partner that could help it rapidly adapt payment methods to each country while minimising the need for developer resources.


Stripe provided the global accessibility that We Are Knitters needed, allowing customers to choose the local payment method they trust while completing efficient and secure checkout transactions. The ease of Stripe’s integration with Magento, We Are Knitters’ e-commerce platform, accelerated the development timeline. Additionally, Stripe Radar has helped We Are Knitters to monitor and reduce fraudulent transactions during its market expansion.


With Stripe’s extensive availability of payment methods, currency support, local acquiring and payouts, We Are Knitters was able to expedite its international expansion. Being able to rely on Stripe and avoid changing payment processors as it entered new markets, We Are Knitters was able to scale to 15 countries while providing a truly localised customer experience in each market. As We Are Knitters experiments with opening physical stores in New York, it can process in-person transactions with Stripe Terminal as well.

Supporting rapid fluctuations in demand

As knitting products and kits are also popular products for gifting, We Are Knitters experienced seasons of high order volume that required its platform to adapt to demand. COVID-19 was an additional test, with We Are Knitters experiencing 240% YoY growth in the month of April 2020. As the company adapted to unexpected increased volume, it relied on Stripe’s robust infrastructure to fulfil orders worldwide without any interruption to its checkout process.

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