Let your Singapore and Malaysia customers pay with GrabPay wallets in Singapore and Malaysia respectively.

Streamline your checkout

Wallets provide a fast and more secure way for customers to pay with a saved payment method or stored balance.

Reduce fraud

Cut down on fraud claims and chargebacks with two-factor authentication.

Provide global coverage

Adapt to customer preferences and expand into new markets with access to 100+ payment methods used by buyers around the world.

Launch faster

Launch payment methods with a single integration using the Payment Element or Checkout – no additional engineering work required.


Customer locations

Malaysia, Singapore

Presentment currency


Payment method family


Payout timing

Standard payout timing applies

Refunds / Partial refunds


Payment confirmation


Recurring payments


Dispute support


Connect support


Available in

MY Malaysia
SG Singapore

How it works

Pay with GrabPay

Customers in Singapore and Malaysia can use GrabPay to pay for purchases with Grab and other merchants.

Select GrabPay

Customer selects GrabPay from the list of payment methods displayed at checkout.

Enter credentials

Customer gets redirected to GrabPay, enters phone number, and receives one-time password on mobile to enter into redirect page.

Payment complete

Payment is confirmed and there is an option to return to business's site for payment confirmation.
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Getting started

Easily launch and manage payment methods on Stripe

Get started in minutes

Start accept payments on your site by integrating Stripe Payment Element and Checkout.

Manage with no code

Add and manage payment methods with just a click in your Settings.

Access unified reporting

See all payments made with payment methods within the Stripe Dashboard.


A guide to types of payment methods

A complete guide that lists the different types of payment methods available to help you understand and select the right payment options for your business.

Design your payments page

Create your own payments page using Stripe Elements – our suite of pre-built embeddable UI components.

Hosted payments page

Accept payments on your website by integrating Stripe Checkout – our prebuilt payment page optimised for conversion.