Powerful tools for fraud professionals

Radar for Fraud Teams helps you fine-tune how Radar operates, get fraud insights on suspicious charges, and assess your fraud management performance from a unified dashboard.

Customize Radar’s protection for your business

From writing rules to reviewing payments, everything can happen in the Dashboard—there’s no code or lengthy setup required to get started. You can also easily integrate with existing workflows using webhooks and real-time notifications.

Choose your risk tolerance

Align your fraud strategy to your business model. You can choose how aggressively you want to block suspicious payments depending on your business’s appetite for risk.

Fine-tune protection with rules

Write rules using a broad range of attributes including IP addresses, card details, behavioral signals, and metadata. Test how a new rule affects your business using your historical data. 

Make 3D Secure work for you

Use Dynamic 3D Secure to apply additional authentication based on your customer risk profile, or SCA requirements.

Prevent repeat mistakes

Set up block and allow lists using attributes including card numbers, emails, and IP addresses.

Save time on manual reviews

Improve your ability to detect fraud patterns and take action quickly. Stripe’s optimized workflows slash the time it takes to review payments.

Bust hidden networks of fraudsters

Prevent common fraud patterns like card testing by evaluating payments holistically rather than in isolation. We use device fingerprinting and identity resolution to help you catch repeat fraudsters.

Catch sophisticated fraudsters with advanced fraud insights

Fraudulent purchases often look atypical in comparison to legitimate ones. Our fraud insights make it easy to perform manual reviews. For example, you can compare the geolocated IP address and the credit card address, or look at how behavioral information like time to checkout compares with legitimate buyers for your business.

  • Radar cut our fraud rates by over 70% without any configuration, saving our pizzerias thousands of dollars every month and allowing us to focus on delivering the best local pizza experience possible.

    Finn Borge

    Product Manager

  • Radar dramatically reduced manual review work and saved Teespring creators from shipping t-shirts to fraudulent customers.

    Lee Edwards

    VP of Engineering

  • Our team protects the Postmates platform from fraud while still providing a great customer experience. Radar hums in the background on every transaction and Radar’s models have been very helpful for separating good transactions from bad.

    Jeff Fong

    Product Lead, Risk Team

  • Radar’s related payments feature helped our fraud team quickly spot a nuanced fraud ring and avoid significant potential loss. It’s been a great asset in our fraud detection arsenal.

    Alison Cleggett

    Head of Risk and Compliance

  • Radar automatically helped Watsi prevent more than $40M in fraudulent donations over just a two-month span.

    Thomas Bukowski


Simple, transparent pricing

Radar for Fraud Teams

Includes Radar’s machine learning and advanced fraud protection tools designed for professionals who need greater control and customizable settings. Stripe’s SCA logic is built-in, helping maximize exemptions and protect your conversion rates. 

0.30 LEI

per screened transaction In addition to payment processing fees.

0.10 LEI for accounts with standard 1.4% + 1 LEU pricing

Discounts are available for startups and businesses at scale. Get in touch

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