Cartes Bancaires Terms

Last updated: 2022-12-14

These Cartes Bancaires Terms ("Terms") are applicable to you if you elect to accept payments using cards issued by a member of the Groupement des cartes bancaires ("Cartes Bancaires" or "CB") ("CB Services"). CB Services are made available to you by Stripe through Crédit Mutuel Arkéa ("CMA") and Arkéa Banking Services ("ABS") (collectively, "Arkéa"). A capitalised term used and not defined in these Terms has the meaning given to such term in the Stripe Services Agreement ("Agreement"). These Terms form part of the Agreement and remain subject to the terms and conditions of the Agreement. To the extent these Terms conflict with the Agreement, these Terms will prevail, but solely as applicable to the CB Services.

1. You will comply with the bylaws of Cartes Bancaires (i.e. its Formation Agreement, its Internal Regulations and the Functions and Obligations of the "CB" Members), its rules, procedures and specifications, and the decisions of Cartes Bancaires' Shareholders' Meeting, Administrator and Executive Committee, including the most recent version of its authorizations, manuals, guides and bulletins (the "CB Rules").

2. The Regulatory and Technical Environment ("RTE") code(s) specified in connection with your use of the CB Services will be: (a) '20: Remote payment'; (b) '24: Public networks'; or (c) '27: Recurring payment for an order over a public network', (as applicable). Stripe may change the applicable RTE code(s) at any time to meet the requirements of Arkéa or the CB Rules.

3. Co-badged cards:

a. In relation to co-badged cards, you may make a priority selection in favour of a particular payment brand or payment application on the card. We cannot make that priority selection for you, but may implement one upon your instruction. You hereby instruct us to implement a priority selection in favour of the brand on the co-badged card that meets the criteria of the Stripe optimisation model, as described in the Documentation or as otherwise made available by Stripe.

b. In respect of any Transaction, you may use the Stripe Services to change your priority selection in favour of a particular payment brand or payment application on the card.

c. We will make reasonable efforts to ensure that, in relation to any given Transaction, your priority selection is complied with. However, we reserve the right on occasion to use another payment brand or payment application on the card other than your priority selection, including, for example, if there are technical issues which may result in the Transaction being declined or failing.

d. You must ensure that your Customers always have the right to override your priority selection, if they wish to do so.

4. You will notify your Customers of your acceptance of CB Services by prominently displaying the Cartes Bancaires logo on your website, place of business, mobile application, or on any other payment interface accessible to the Customer.

5. You will visibly display, on any medium and in particular on the screen of the device used by your Customers, the price of the goods or services, the minimum payment amount, if any, for purchases using the CB Services, and the currency in which the price is denominated.

6. You will not charge, directly or indirectly, any additional fees or charges solely because the Customer uses the CB Services (instead of another Payment Method) for a Transaction.

7. You must retain all Payment Data in electronic or written form for every Transaction processed using the CB Services (but not the card security code) for a maximum of 15 months, calculated from the date of presentment of the Transaction, unless earlier deletion is required by applicable Laws. The Payment Data must, upon request, be made available to Stripe for review purposes in a readable electronic format.

8. You will support solutions allowing Cartes Bancaires card issuers to perform Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) on relevant Transactions.