Japan Bank Transfers

Save on manual overhead with fully integrated bank transfers

Bank transfers account for over ¥300 trillion in B2B transactions in Japan every year, yet thousands of hours are lost to the hidden costs of reconciliation and revenue management. Save on manual work with Stripe’s comprehensive billing, payments, and reconciliation infrastructure.

Fully automated bank transfer payments

Scale your business while saving on manual reconciliation costs. We also offer custom pricing for high-volume or high-AOV businesses.

A single integration across payment methods

Maintain one unified integration and manage payments via any payment method through the Dashboard.

Unique features to capture more revenue

Our revenue recovery tools, such as failed payment notice emails, help recover otherwise lost revenue.

Faster way to access to your funds

Access your consolidated funds sooner with all payments available for payout in four business days.

Comprehensive solutions

A complete toolkit for fast-growing internet businesses

Stripe offers a unified SaaS solution that consolidates payments, billing, invoicing, and revenue management tools into one complete platform that integrates with your CRM, ERP, and other third-party systems.

Grow recurring revenue with Billing

Save on developer costs with optimised subscription logic and support for complex business models.

Give your customers more control with the Customer portal

Offer the ability to manage subscriptions and billing details with minimal engineering effort.

Simplify the quote-to-cash process with Quotes

Convert your quote to an invoice with one click, and allow your customers to seamlessly complete a bank transfer payment.

Automate taxes on your Stripe transactions with Tax

Calculate and collect Japanese Consumption Tax with one line of code or the click of a button.

Reduce errors with faster, compliant accounting through Revenue Recognition

Automated reports and an easy-to-use dashboard give you a single, accurate view of all your revenue.

Drive top-line growth with Invoicing

Get paid 3x faster with custom, automated invoices.

Fully integrated

Flexible API, low-code, and no-code options for all business types

With Stripe, harness all the benefits of a variety of payment methods, plus faster deployment, simplified integration maintenance, and unified reporting and payouts.

Add bank transfers to your Stripe integration in minutes

With Invoicing, you can offer bank transfers as a payment method right from the Dashboard, no additional integration work required.

For platforms

Through Connect, platforms and marketplaces can easily offer bank transfers as a payment option with no additional integration effort from your customers.

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