Bancontact is a system which enables Customers in Belgium to initiate an online bank transfer in real time using their Bancontact debit cards. Terms specifically applicable to acceptance of Bancontact payments via Stripe are set out below.

You may only integrate and use Bancontact in the manner communicated to you by Stripe from to time. You may use Bancontact trademarks, logos, graphics and banners as part of your integration, provided that you do so without making any modifications, and that you cease all use upon termination of this Agreement.

In deciding to integrate Bancontact, you understand and accept that: (1) execution of a Bancontact transfer, as well as the ability of a Customer to cancel or revoke a transfer, is contingent upon the then current terms and conditions of the Customer's bank; and (2) Bancontact is not available for all Belgium bank accounts.