Assess your alignment

There's a gravity to choosing a new job. It will impact the trajectory of your career, and determine how and with whom you spend the majority of your time. While we love the challenge and uniqueness of working at Stripe, it may not be for everyone. So we penned this guide as a first step to help in deciding if Stripe is right for you.

  1. Introduction
  2. Motivated by our mission
  3. Embody our operating principles
  4. Collaborative, multidisciplinary work
  5. Driven by unbounded opportunity
  6. Much more ahead

Motivated by our mission

Stripe is on a mission to grow the GDP of the internet. The internet's full economic potential remains untapped, and we're here to change that. We build tools to democratise online commerce, expand economic opportunity, and motivate others to build products and services that will improve the world around us.

Questions to ask yourself

  • Do I see free markets and entrepreneurship as powerful forces for advancing progress?
  • Is helping to unleash the internet economy’s full potential the highest use of my time and talents?

Embody our operating principles

Our operating principles shape Stripe's interactions, and we will continue to evolve them as we learn how best to meet the challenges ahead.

“Users first” is a cornerstone principle. Stripe’s users trust us to provide an essential service, and it’s a heavy responsibility that we take very seriously. Serving and respecting them may demand flexibility in work schedules. As participants in the global economy, Stripe operates beyond conventional hours – including some late nights or early morning meetings with colleagues and users in different time zones. It also means we balance innovation with scrupulous attention to every bit and byte involved in the movement of money – because we can’t serve our users unless we do both.

Our culture is also strongly buoyed by macro-optimism. We believe strongly that despite short-term challenges, the future will be better than the present, and favour the question "how might this work?" over "why could it fail?"

Questions to ask yourself

  • Am I motivated to move mountains to protect and support businesses that depend on Stripe?
  • Am I driven to overcome obstacles and take on big things to drive progress, or do I feel overwhelmed by the sheer scale and breadth of sometimes nebulous opportunities?

Collaborative, multidisciplinary work

We're in the business of making it easy for others to do really hard things. That means that everything we create requires deep, collaborative, multi-disciplinary work: technically, organisationally, and geographically.

When we succeed, we advance the progress of millions of businesses worldwide. But it requires individuals who are driven to solve complex problems, and who redefine what’s possible by expanding what’s reasonable. At Stripe, you’ll work with brilliant, dynamic individuals who approach problem-solving with confidence in their craft and humility in their approach. It also means we entrust talented individuals with significant responsibilities at all levels of tenure and seniority. This is partly because we have to; there is too much to do to waste time wading through management layers, but also because we seek out folks who continually rise to the level of the occasion.

Questions to ask yourself

  • Am I comfortable causing short-term friction in pursuit of better outcomes?
  • Am I excited or anxious to be the first person to ever contemplate a particular problem?

Driven by unbounded opportunity

You’ll still hear us say “we haven’t won yet” (once ironically, yet aptly sung to the tune of “We are the Champions” at one of our meetings). There are so many problems still to be identified and solved that there’s always room for growth and learning. As a manager, you’ll continue to hone your expertise while developing your team and designing successful organisations. As an individual contributor, it’s highly likely you’ll be tapped to help solve problems outside your domain. And we value initiative. High performers have the autonomy to pursue substantial and intriguing challenges.

To be clear, career journeys at Stripe transcend checkboxes, and we’ll take a wormhole over a ladder. Your path won’t be linear, but you will be able to do some of the most challenging work of your career with some of the most talented innovators you'll ever meet.

Questions to ask yourself

  • Am I eager to take on ambiguous, complex problems outside my domain or experience?
  • Am I ready to own my own career outcomes and forge a nonlinear path?

Much more ahead

We're tackling one of the world’s foremost challenges: building vital financial infrastructure for the internet. With just a small portion of global commerce currently operating online, we aspire to expand global online-economic involvement and redefine its operations. It’s an ambitious journey, and we need talented, multifaceted thinkers and doers to help us get there. Let us know if this sounds like you.

Help us build economic infrastructure for the internet.

Well supported

We provide holistic support for an enduring career through our communities and benefits.

Operating principles

We have an opinionated set of principles, and we’re happy to be warts-and-all honest about them.