How to accept in-person payments using only an Android device

It’s now possible to accept in-person payments using a compatible Android device with no external hardware. Here’s what you need to know.


Acepta pagos electrónicos y en persona desde cualquier rincón del mundo con una solución de pagos diseñada para todo tipo de negocios: desde startups en crecimiento hasta grandes empresas internacionales.

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  1. Introducción
  2. What is Tap to Pay on Android?
  3. Who uses Tap to Pay on Android?
  4. Tap to Pay on Android and Stripe Terminal
  5. Benefits of Tap to Pay on Android
  6. How to get started

Over the past few years, contactless payments via card or digital wallet have become the default for many customers. At the time of publishing, 54% of all 2022 Stripe Terminal transactions in the US were captured via contactless EMV. Consumer demand continues to grow for frictionless experiences that are personalized across channels, and Tap to Pay on Android is designed to meet these expectations.

What is Tap to Pay on Android?

Tap to Pay on Android enables businesses to accept in-person, contactless payments directly on compatible NFC-enabled Android phones and tablets. It’s useful for any business that wants to process in-person payments without using external hardware.

Who uses Tap to Pay on Android?

Platforms and marketplaces can enable Tap to Pay on Android to expand in-person payments for users and capture more revenue. For example:

  • Enable retailers to collect in-person payments at mobile events, such as farmers’ markets and pop-up shops.
  • Give sole proprietors and SMBs the ability to collect payments for on-demand services, such as home repairs.
  • Offer event organizers an easy way to process in-person ticket sales and shorten lines.

Retailers can also use Tap to Pay on Android to improve in-person experiences. For example:

  • Equip staff to check out the customers they assist on the floor without requiring them to go to a register.
  • Shorten lines by enabling more staff to check out customers without the need for additional hardware.

Tap to Pay on Android and Stripe Terminal

You can use Tap to Pay on Android with Stripe Terminal to build—or enable your users to build—fully customized in-person payments experiences. It also integrates seamlessly with the Stripe platform, so businesses can manage online and in-person payments in one place.

It’s easy to integrate and can be added to an existing Stripe account in just a few weeks through our Terminal SDK. For platforms, once Tap to Pay on Android is enabled, users can start accepting contactless payments on compatible Android devices in minutes.

Benefits of Tap to Pay on Android

Here are a few notable benefits of Tap to Pay on Android:

  • No external hardware required: Platform users and retail businesses can accept in-person payments with any compatible Android device—no need to set up a dedicated card reader or manage hardware logistics.
  • Easy, fast setup: You can integrate Tap to Pay on Android using the Stripe Terminal SDK or get started with a supported platform partner. Users can just download your app to begin accepting in-person payments in minutes.
  • Broad device compatibility: It works with a wide variety of NFC-enabled and Google-certified Android phones and tablets.

How to get started

Interested in Tap to Pay on Android for Stripe Terminal?

Tap to Pay on Android is currently available through the Stripe Terminal SDK in the US, Canada, the UK, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand. If you’d like to enable Tap to Pay on Android or join as a supported platform partner, please provide your information, and we’ll be in touch with more details.

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