Powerful, automated onboarding and verification

Connect Onboarding provides conversion-optimized, prebuilt UIs to seamlessly onboard your sellers and service providers, eliminating the operational complexity that comes with designing your own identity verification flows.

Stripe handles the onboarding flow, so you don’t have to build or maintain your own.

Configuration, not code

Launch faster and save development resources by not having to build or maintain your own onboarding flows. Connect Onboarding automatically updates to the latest compliance requirements—without any changes to your integration.

Increase onboarding conversion

Built with Stripe’s collective learnings from optimizing onboarding experiences for thousands of platforms, Connect Onboarding minimizes user error and helps increase the number of successful signups.

Go global with one integration

Connect Onboarding handles the complexity of language localization, internationalization, and global compliance requirements out of the box, helping you quickly expand to new countries.

Let Stripe handle seller onboarding

Every platform needs to handle the complexities that come with onboarding—including compliance rules that are regularly updated, and requirements that can vary by business model, financial transaction type, and country. Connect Onboarding replaces the need to design your own flows for identity information collection from scratch. We securely collect sensitive personal details and ID documents needed for verification, and handle updates to the UI to meet changing compliance requirements.

CYou can easily customize the Connect onboarding flow in your Stripe Dashboard—no need to create your own.

Onboard more users, faster

Connect Onboarding is designed to maximize conversion on any device and comes with built-in input validation, formatting, and error handling. The UI can be customized to match your company's branding and easily integrates with your existing signup flow so your users have a consistent experience from start to finish. We continually test and iterate, so you can rely on a frictionless onboarding experience to get more users signed up for your platform faster.

Stripe makes it easy for a platform's user to fill out the onboarding form, ensuring successful signups.

Future-proof your onboarding flow

Quickly expand to new markets with a single integration. Whether you have sellers in Tokyo, Munich, or all over the world, Connect Onboarding makes it easy to offer a better signup experience for users anywhere. The UI supports multiple languages in multiple countries, helps you meet local compliance requirements, and dynamically updates whenever regulations change—without any changes to your integration.

The form handles localization and country-specific requirements.

The Connect onboarding flow is a great investment for the future as we continue to launch in new markets. Requirements can change and not having to maintain that code base is a huge upgrade for us.

Kimberly Callison

Payment Operations Manager, FareHarbor

Signing up to get paid is really easy for our professionals. The new onboarding UI helped us increase conversion by 17% and improved the overall user experience.

Trevor Baker

Director of Product, Qwick

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