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Why Stripe?

Create new revenue streams with Stripe

Whether you’re a technology partner that’s looking to embed Stripe in your software or a consulting partner that’s expanding your practice, partner with Stripe to deliver elevated customer experiences and unlock new monetisation opportunities for your own business.

Technology partners

Monetise payments and grow your SaaS revenue

  • Facilitate payments on your platform
  • Increase your software revenue and global footprint
  • Develop joint customer solutions with Stripe
  • Add embedded financial services to increase customer lifetime value

Consulting partners

Build new practices with Stripe services

  • Establish new lines of business
  • Capture recurring revenue beyond implementation
  • Expand beyond payments with other financial services to build long-term strategic engagements

Partner benefits

Develop your go-to-market plan with confidence

Become an expert at building, marketing, and selling Stripe. As a Stripe partner, we’ll give you the tools and resources to deepen customer engagement, become more knowledgeable with Stripe solutions, and earn more revenue.


Develop solutions and services with Stripe. Advance your mastery of payments through sales and technical training.


Accelerate your marketing campaigns with pre-built playbooks, customisable assets, and co-marketing funds.


Submit co-selling opportunities to help close deals faster. Receive financial rewards and discounts for performance.


Stay close to our product roadmap and leadership teams as we build a long-standing partnership together.

Partner options

Access benefits tailored to your business

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all ecosystem. Whether you offer solutions or services, you’ll find benefits and best practices that align with your customer engagement strategy.

Develop a Stripe App

Offer a Stripe App to simplify common workflows, directly in the Stripe Dashboard and in third party products.

Partner specialisations

Gain competitive advantage with Stripe specialisations

Earn specializations to let customers know about your expertise by displaying badges across the partner directory, your website, and your marketing assets.

Stripe’s specialization program provides customers with validated and qualified partners that have demonstrated proficiency and proven customer success with Stripe solutions. Specializations are the highest designation you can earn as a partner by meeting Stripe requirements, and enable you to differentiate yourself to prospective customers.


Partners with expertise in Stripe products such as Connect and Billing

Business operations

Partners with expertise in extending Stripe functionality across CRM and ERP systems


Partners with expertise in industries such as retail and financial services

Benefits at a glance

Explore your partner benefits

Onboard your teams to the partner portal to access an evolving and on-demand menu of benefits. Accelerate your sales, marketing, and technical capabilities while building long-term partnerships and community.

Build with Stripe

Establish trust and expertise with customers

  • Resources to build your Stripe solution or service practice
  • Sales enablement and best practices
  • Live and on-demand instruction and webcasts
  • Technical trainings and certifications

Sell with Stripe

Receive monetary incentives or rewards

  • Lead referral programme
  • Co-selling support
  • Sales opportunity registration

Market with Stripe

Reach new customers and improve retention

  • Market development funds
  • Co-marketing content and campaign assets
  • Stripe partner directory listing
  • Stripe partner marks and badges

Engage with Stripe

Influence Stripe’s product roadmap and build community

  • Dedicated portal and partner support
  • Connections with Stripe leadership
  • Invitations to partner networking events
  • Early access to betas

How Slalom accelerated its Stripe practice at repeatable scale

Slalom is a global consulting firm focused on strategy, technology, and business transformation in 41 markets around the world.


Slalom shared a goal to accelerate the development of its Stripe practice and arm its consultants with Stripe business solutions and technical expertise that would bring incremental value to customers. Slalom knew that building this on its own would require significant investment – so they looked to the Stripe Partner Ecosystem for support.


Slalom invested in its people to complete Stripe’s technical training and certifications, specifically designed for architects and developers, to provide them with real-world applications and implementation best practices from Stripe experts.


In just a few months, Slalom has trained over 26 of its implementation architects and engineers through Stripe’s training and certifications – efficiently enabling its teams to become productive and revenue generating.

The relationships that we have forged between our two teams are meaningful and benefit us both as we continue to work together on transformative projects. We’ve identified our path to success as working with Stripe and building a lasting partnership.

TC Sutton, managing director at Slalom

How WooCommerce partnered with Stripe to launch payments

WooCommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the world, enabling WordPress businesses to sell and manage orders directly from their websites.


As WooCommerce prepared to launch its WooCommerce Payments brand, the company looked to Stripe for co-marketing guidance and resources to confidently market a payments solution that would resonate with its merchants.


WooCommerce leveraged best practices from Stripe’s marketing toolkit and customised the messaging for its own channels. This saved the team hours from creating content and strategy, allowing them to execute these campaigns and see results quickly.


WooCommerce launched its payments product to 18 countries in just three months – and with a team of fewer than 20 people.

With anything related to WooCommerce Payments and Stripe, our approach to marketing is ‘all channels go’. Stripe helps us position the different features and understand which channels are more advantageous, and it’s been inspiring to see the response from the market.

Clara Lee, VP of product & operations at WooCommerce

How aye4fin partnered with Stripe to gain strategic sales advantage

aye4fin is a global consulting company specialising in the areas of payment and e-commerce to establish outstanding and scalable payment solutions.


When approached by an international travel platform, consulting partner aye4fin engaged Stripe in joint sales activation to provide its client with an integrated and cross-border payments solution that best aligned with its business objectives.


aye4fin combined its industry expertise and close partnership with Stripe to position itself as the best implementation and development provider for its client’s needs.


aye4fin won its client over and helped it to go live in just a few months. It continues to be a strategic thought partner to the client for ongoing support and customisation work.

Our goal as technology-agnostic experts is to always aim to identify the best-in-class solutions for our clients in order to provide them with positive commerce experiences. Stripe is providing leading-edge payment solutions with premium technological and customer-centric solutions.

Thomas Tittelbach, managing director at aye4fin

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