SEPA Credit Transfers

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SEPA Credit Transfers allow you to initiate payments to accounts with banks that are situated within the Single Euro Payments Area.

In order to initiate a SEPA Credit Transfer, you must provide the name and address, IBAN and BIC of the recipient of the SEPA Credit Transfer, the payment amount in EUR, and the payment purpose associated with the SEPA Credit Transfer. Incomplete or incorrect SEPA Transaction Details may result in the delayed or incorrect execution of the SEPA Credit Transfer.

In general, SEPA Credit Transfers are irrevocable. You may request in writing the cancellation of an authorised instruction for a SEPA Credit Transfer, but there is no guarantee that such a request will result in the effective cancellation of a SEPA Credit Transfer or its refund. A processing fee may apply to cancellations.

We may refuse to initiate the execution of a SEPA Credit Transfer payment instruction if your Stripe Account does not contain an adequate balance. A Financial Services Provider may also refuse to execute a SEPA Credit Transfer instruction.