MemberPress uses Link to reduce checkout friction for US and EU merchants

MemberPress is a paywall, membership, and learning management system (LMS) plugin for WordPress that helps creators and influencers easily build and monetise their online services. Its customers have earned over $1 billion in revenue using MemberPress’ all-in-one platform to build membership sites, sell online courses and digital downloads, and securely accept credit cards and digital wallets. As a longtime Stripe customer with a mission to continually reduce checkout friction for its merchants across the globe, MemberPress jumped at the chance to add Link to its payments infrastructure.

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When MemberPress launched in 2013, it chose Stripe to power its online payments infrastructure. As MemberPress grew its customer base and expanded globally over the past decade, it continued to use Stripe to support local payment methods. Stripe’s and ease of use enabled seamless integrations, PCI compliance, and tight security.

“When MemberPress launched, the concept of influencers was just taking off, and these entrepreneurs inspired us,” said Paul Carter, head of product development at MemberPress. “We wanted to make it easy for them to sign up new customers, accept multiple payment methods, and offer subscriptions. Stripe brought that simplicity, plus security, SAQ-A, PCI compliance, and more, and it was easy to implement.”

As MemberPress grew, it continued to look for new and innovative ways to remove friction from the checkout experience. And, as it expanded internationally, MemberPress wanted to accept more local payment methods from more regions, plus payments from increasingly popular mobile wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay.


MemberPress had already taken steps to reduce friction by cutting its checkout process down to one page but wanted to do more. It then discovered Link, Stripe’s simple, secure one-click payments solution. Link saves a customer’s payment information the first time they check out and then auto-fills those card details and shipping addresses for all future purchases on Link-supported sites.

“Link goes a huge step further where customers don’t even have to know their card number or go searching for it,” Carter said. “Customers just enter their email address, get a code on their phone, and boom, they’ve made a purchase. We love Link for that!”

MemberPress already relied on Stripe as the fastest and easiest way to integrate payments into its platform using programmable APIs and tools to build and scale its end-to-end payment experiences. At the same time, Stripe handles Know Your Customer (KYC) obligations and helps it meet other requirements for payments compliance. Since Memberpress had already integrated Stripe Elements, the addition of Link required minimal implementation time. For the creators and influencers using MemberPress, their customers can make purchases with a single click while still engaged. Link also eliminates the security fears of entering payments information on public computers or when connected to public networks since the customer’s information never crosses the MemberPress solution.


After a decade of using Stripe to streamline payments and help creators and influencers book more than $1 billion in online revenue, MemberPress easily added Link for the US and EU to remove even more friction from the checkout experience with faster, simpler payments. Stripe also takes on security and compliance concerns so MemberPress can focus on helping these entrepreneurs gain more financial freedom.

5% increase in conversion rates just a few months after implementation

Link gives customers an appealing way to make simple and secure online payments, which drives more conversions and captures more purchases while customers are still engaged. To further alleviate customers’ security concerns, Link uses the strongest encryption standards, texts a one-time code when using Link on a new site or device, and meets the highest level of certification available in the payments industry.
Carter said, “We want to be the easiest membership platform and Link helps us get further in that direction. Since using Link to streamline our own checkout experience, we’ve seen a 5% growth in conversions in four months.”

After credit cards, Link has grown to become the second-most used payment method on MemberPress, with a 30% increase in customers opting to use Link at checkout. Link also frees up development resources because Stripe handles the security and compliance aspects of payments, so Memberpress can focus on continuously improving the customer experience.

As EU creators and influencers heard about Link, they pushed MemberPress to add it as an option. MemberPress was able to quickly implement Link in the EU and give its global customers more ways to capture new revenue. With Stripe Radar cutting down on fraud and Stripe Billing and Stripe Connect powering its payments infrastructure, MemberPress can now rely on Stripe for another 10 years.

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