Aurionpro Payments powers 97% faster business transactions across Asia with new payment platform

Aurionpro Payments, headquartered in Singapore, is a fintech company offering a wide range of services to businesses. The company’s cloud-based payment ecosystem allows business entities, including both buyers and sellers, to complete transactions online.

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Since it was founded in 1997, Aurionpro, a publicly listed firm headquartered in India, has helped companies around the world and across industries accelerate innovation. Many of Aurionpro’s customers use its software and advanced tech solutions for supply chain management. While working with these customers, the company noticed that B2B transactions often relied on a lengthy, manual process to collect payment from their buyers and to pay their suppliers. This process routinely resulted in buyers and suppliers waiting many days or even weeks for payout. For businesses on both sides of the transaction, this led to issues with cash flow and financial management. In 2022, Aurionpro’s Singapore-based subsidiary Aurionpro Payments sought to build a platform to address the need for better, more efficient payments experiences for companies in the supply chain and other sectors, where similar B2B transactions are involved.


Aurionpro Payments turned to Stripe to build the payment platform it envisioned. The company considered Stripe a clear choice because of its ability to support many different currencies and flexibility of account management, even within a single connected account.

Aurionpro Payments used Stripe Payments and Connect to create a platform that facilitates fast, flexible payments for businesses. With Stripe, the Aurionpro platform supports commercial card payments and one-click payment, so buyers can pay supplier invoices in a single click with a commercial credit card to help manage cash flow.

Using Connect, the company was also able to build a platform that automates processes, including onboarding new sellers, managing users, invoicing, and reconciliation.

Aurionpro Payments worked closely with Stripe professional services throughout integration to ensure a successful implementation and launch. The Stripe professional services team brings technical integration experience plus payments and financial expertise to guide partners through their implementations, providing a faster time to value and solutions built for scale.

For Aurionpro Payments, Stripe professional services provided critical support for the planning and execution of the integration and conducted workshops and training sessions focused on fund flow, fund availability, and transaction cost optimisation. In addition, the professional services team helped solve challenges as they emerged, such as identifying a workaround to dynamically manage merchant category codes.


Aurionpro Payments went live with its payment platform within three months of project kickoff, launching ahead of its target date. With Stripe, the platform provides a fast, seamless payments experience for both buyers and sellers in the logistics industry. Support for commercial credit card transactions, multiple currencies, and one-click payments helps sellers get paid faster, and provides buyers with a simple, flexible payment process.

The Aurionpro Payments platform reduces supplier payout time from 30+ days to just one day, which improves cash flow and helps businesses avoid fund shortages. The platform’s automated reporting and reconciliation processes also save businesses time and effort, and allow them to easily view their invoices and payment records any time.

While the platform was initially designed to solve challenges for businesses in the supply chain, Aurionpro Payments intends to expand its reach and include businesses across verticals that can benefit from better payments experiences. The company also plans to leverage Stripe’s global infrastructure and expand into new geographies in the next year, including India, Hong Kong, and the UAE.

About Aurionpro

Aurionpro Payments, based in Singapore, is a payment ecosystem where B2B buyers and sellers can conduct business, with automated processes for onboarding, documentation, and collecting payments.

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