Jobox scaled from processing $1M to $25M monthly with Stripe

Jobox is on a mission to shape the future of on-demand work by bringing powerful technology to businesses previously operating on pen and paper. The Jobox app enables service professionals and technicians to manage their jobs, payments, and reporting in one easy-to-use app.

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With Jobox, service professionals like electricians and locksmiths can use a free app with low processing rates to build their business. Jobox was looking for a way to deliver a simple, end-to-end payment process for its users to accept payments on the job, then distribute funds into their bank accounts. Initially, Jobox used a third party to distribute funds to users, but this method became too complex as demand for Jobox’s app grew. Jobox needed a single solution to streamline how users could accept payments and control the flow of their funds.


Jobox implemented multiple Stripe products for a streamlined payment ecosystem with simple integrations. Stripe Connect enables Jobox to seamlessly embed payments into its app so service professionals can accept payment from customers while remaining compliant with Know Your Customer (KYC) obligations.“From the engineering side, it’s been easier to integrate with Stripe’s API than other tech partners,” says Kaushik Pendurthi, Jobox’s Chief Operations Officer.

Jobox chose Stripe Radar to add a layer of protection for its users by detecting and blocking fraud using machine learning trained on data across millions of companies. Radar also minimises customer disputes by deploying early dispute notifications to help surface fraudulent charges before they’re disputed. Jobox uses Stripe Terminal to enable Jobox users to efficiently collect payments on the spot with pre-certified card readers, which has also helped decrease dispute rates, lower costs, and increase revenue for Jobox.


After implementing Stripe, Jobox’s transactions skyrocketed from $1M per month to approximately $25M monthly transactions. Additionally, the ability to accept on-site payments through Terminal has reduced dispute rates by 19%. With Stripe, Jobox can offer a digital platform for service professionals that gives them greater control of their funds and improved visibility into their transactions. This transparency and user experience have boosted customer trust, leading to new customer acquisition and retention.

Jobox will also implement Stripe Treasury & Issuing to offer even more financial solutions to enable its users to expand their offerings. With new tech solutions, the company can accelerate growth, cementing itself as the primary tool for service techs to run and grow their business.

We wanted a payment solution for our users in the field that was very smooth and aligned with our brand. Stripe bridges the online and offline world, keeping all payment processing in one place. As we grow, we continue to introduce Stripe products that are relevant for our users.

Shay Bloch, CEO

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