What’s happening in fintech – banking-as-a-service, compliance, and new revenue models

Simon Taylor Head of Content and Strategy, Sardine

Businesses are increasingly integrating financial services into their offerings to improve retention, monetisation, and customer acquisition. Hear from fintech experts on how their priorities have evolved to include profitability, embedded services, and rightsizing; how to avoid “compliance debt” in your SaaS platform; and why it’s easier than ever to start a fintech company.


Angela Strange, General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz
Denise Ho, Head of Product for Banking-as-a-Service, Stripe
Jordan McKee, Director of Fintech Research and Advisory, S&P Global Market Intelligence
Kyle Thiemke, VP of Business Development and Strategy, Lightspeed
Ted Power, CEO, Bend
Ashwin Kumar, Head of Startups for Banking-as-a-Service, Stripe

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