Stripe for platforms

The most flexible way to facilitate payments for customers on your platform

Squarespace lets e-commerce businesses accept payments on their website by using Stripe.

Help your customers accept payments and get paid out

Add new lines of revenue for your platform and your customers

For years, DocuSign customers had requested the ability to collect signatures and payments in one step.


DocuSign partnered with Stripe to launch DocuSign Payments, making it possible for customers to request payment within the signature process.


With Stripe, DocuSign was able to add a new line of revenue and attract new customers who need to accept payments as part of the signature process.

Products used

Tax Preparation ServicesDocument SignedSent to Jane SmithPayment RequestedTax Preparation Services$300.00 USD to Jane SmithNot yet completed

Minimize regulatory and compliance overhead

Get help meeting regulatory requirements

  • API-based sanction screening
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) checks
  • Risk-based ID checks
  • Card industry denylist filtering
  • Rely on Stripe’s financial and regulatory licenses worldwide.

Move money and pay out compliantly

  • Securely collect bank information
  • Control payout timing
  • Support multi-party payments
  • Automate PCI compliance
  • 1099 reporting support (IRS tax threshold tracking)
  • Set custom statement descriptors

Demystifying payfacs

Most platforms no longer need to become a registered payfac to help their customers accept payments. In this guide, we explore what it takes to become a payment facilitator and alternatives available to modern platforms.

Go global with a single integration

Give customers around the world access to your platform

Onboard and pay out customers in 25+ countries without needing to establish local entities or banking partners.

Minimize the cost of moving funds across borders

Reduce foreign exchange rates by accepting and paying out customers with like-for-like settlement.

Optimize checkout for international markets

Present 135+ currencies at checkout and offer the most popular local payment methods like SEPA or iDEAL.

Businesses on Xero used to spend hours chasing payments after invoices have been sent.


Xero partnered with Stripe to let businesses add a “pay” button directly to their invoices to collect online payments instantly.


By adding payments to invoicing, Xero enabled their businesses to get paid up to 15 days faster.

Products used

Lindquist, von Husen & Joyce LLPAccounting servicesHi Amanda,Here’s invoice INV-0041 for €550.00InvoicePay nowdue Jan 23€550.00
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