COVID-19 precautions for Stripe employees and customers

Update, March 18: All of Stripe’s offices are now closed and our employees and on-site contractors around the world are working from home. We’re continuing to pay vendors to hold jobs for their hourly employees who can’t work while our offices are closed, such as food service and security.

Update, March 11: Today, we closed Stripe’s San Francisco office and asked everyone based there to work from home. In the next few days, we plan to close Stripe’s offices in Amsterdam, Berlin, Chicago, Dublin, London, New York, Paris, and Seattle as well.

Original post, March 2:

The situation with COVID-19 is changing quickly. As an infrastructure provider, we are preparing for a wide range of outcomes. Our priorities are to keep Stripe employees safe, to support the businesses that depend on Stripe, and to ensure that Stripe doesn’t contribute to the spread of COVID-19.

Stripe has implemented the following precautionary measures, effective as of Saturday, February 29, 2020.

1. Encouraging—and, in some instances, mandating—employees to work from home

We’ve begun phasing in a work-from-home policy for employees, starting with certain teams in San Francisco and Seattle. We may expand the work-from-home requirement to other teams in the coming days.

In addition, we’ve asked that certain individuals work from home—specifically, people who are likely to get sick more easily, or for whom it’d be particularly problematic to get sick.

Stripe employees in all Stripe offices are encouraged to work from home. We expect that the proportion of Stripe employees working from home will increase over the coming weeks.

2. Pausing all business travel and discouraging personal travel

We have paused all business travel, globally, and advised employees to avoid large gatherings. While it remains an individual decision, we are encouraging employees to reconsider personal travel. Airports and air travel are likely to be higher-risk.

3. Suspending visitors to Stripe offices

For the time being, we’ve paused all visits to our offices, globally. We’re moving in-person meetings and candidate interviews to video-conference wherever possible.

We don’t yet know how severe COVID-19’s consequences will be. While its impact may be limited, we would like to take precautionary steps before they’re required. We will continue to monitor the situation closely.