Italic brings the luxury of one-click checkouts to its customer experience with Stripe

Italic offers unbranded, atelier-grade essentials produced using the same manufacturers and materials as top luxury houses, but without the markup.

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Italic was frustrated with the constraints of many ecommerce platforms, specifically as it worked to create an exceptional online experience familiar to luxury buyers. Once Italic settled on Stripe to unify and bring intuitiveness to its checkout process, the company wanted to enhance the customer experience with a faster and easier checkout option.


To give customers a speedy checkout, Italic leaned on its partnership with Stripe as its single, end-to-end payment provider for both subscription and product offerings. Italic improved the payment experience for customers by implementing the Optimized Checkout Suite, which included the Payment Element, multiple payment methods that are dynamically surfaced, and Link, Stripe’s accelerated checkout experience that enables customers to manage saved payment details.


Italic consolidated all payments on Stripe, increasing timeliness, accuracy, and accessibility to comprehensive data for its finance and accounting teams while also eliminating hours of data cleansing effort. The move to Link also created a faster customer experience that captured 18% of all checkouts and increased average order value by 37%. Then, after enabling Afterpay, Italic saw a 33% increase in average order value for purchases made with Afterpay compared to cards.

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