iDEAL is a payment method that allows for immediate online transfers from your Customer's bank account to your merchant bank account (which must be a business bank account). By using iDEAL through Stripe, you agree to comply with the following terms in your use of iDEAL ("iDEAL Terms"), which supplement the provisions of the Stripe Services Agreement with respect to the use of iDEAL:

  1. You must provide Stripe with information necessary in order to meet the minimum acceptance criteria prior to using iDEAL.

  2. You understand that an iDEAL payment from a Customer's bank account will be paid to Stripe, and you agree that the Stripe Services Agreement specifies the terms and conditions under which the iDEAL payment will be paid to you by Stripe.

  3. You will provide an effective complaints procedure that is easily available to your Customers, in which you can be contacted by e-mail as well as another means of direct contact (such as telephone or chat).

  4. An iDEAL payment link is a URL that leads to your payment page, on which a Customer can check the status of a payment and initiate an iDEAL transaction. If you intend to generate these links and send them to Customers through email or alternative means such as SMS, you must first obtain prior written permission from Stripe to do so, and adhere to the terms and conditions for the use of the iDEAL payment links, which Stripe makes available to you upon request.

  5. You will cooperate with requests for information from Stripe, or a third party nominated by Stripe, in situations that require further investigation in relation to your use of iDEAL.

  6. You are responsible for verifying that the status of an iDEAL Transaction is "successful" before you supply your product or service.

  7. In the event of your breach of these iDEAL Terms or the Stripe Services Agreement, or if there is actual or suspected fraud on your account, we may immediately terminate these iDEAL Terms and/or your use of iDEAL.

  8. You will adhere to the terms and conditions for the use of iDEAL, including the use of the iDEAL logo, as described at

  9. Should you wish to use iDEAL QR (if made available by Stripe), you must first notify Stripe. Your use of iDEAL QR is subject to your adherence to the terms and conditions for the use of iDEAL QR, which may be obtained from Stripe upon request.

  10. You must notify Stripe in the event that you change the categories of products and/or services for which you offer payment via iDEAL, or if such offer is in contravention with any applicable laws.

  11. You must present to your Customers a selection of issuing banks that allow iDEAL payments in accordance with the iDEAL presentation standards. Issuing banks must be presented in alphabetical order as a drop-down list box with the first element in the list as "Choose your bank" or the like. If an issuing bank is temporarily unavailable, you may not exclude such issuing bank from the issuer selection list presented to your Customers, but you may display a message to your Customers that the particular Issuing bank is not currently available.

  12. You remain at all times liable for compliance with all obligations under these iDEAL Terms, including for the actions of your agents and representatives in relation to the use of iDEAL.