Have a meaningful impact on a global business

Interns at Stripe do real work, on real problems, shipping to real customers. Some of the most important things Stripe has built, such as the initial versions of Connect and Atlas, were created by one or two people in their first “real” jobs.


Expect more in the first years of your career

We are passionate about giving opportunities to Stripes who have proved they can handle them, regardless of where they are in their careers. We know that the beginning of your career can be very productive if you find the right problems to work on. We have some great ones we can suggest – and don’t mind if you end up proposing your own.

You’ll be fully supported and mentored by an experienced colleague in your team. By the end of the internship, you’ll have built something real and presented it to your team and the wider org. We design your projects to be ambitious but achievable. Businesses will use what you create.



Stripe hosts undergraduate and graduate interns from around the globe. Our interns fully integrate, learn, and make meaningful connections with other Stripes. Although the large majority of our internships are available on the Engineering team, we have also hosted interns in Machine Learning, Data Science, and various business teams, such as Strategy & Operations, Sales, and Business Development.

Fix real problems, help real users

We choose internship projects that represent real business needs, with a bias toward ones that will expose you to large portions of Stripe’s stack, operations, and users. You will enjoy collaborative relationships, visibility into all parts of the business, and opportunities to do real, impactful work. An internship at Stripe is a sneak preview of what it would be like to work with us. You’ll spend several months working as a respected peer.

What I appreciate about Stripe is the lack of complacency, excess of humility, and general tenacity that everyone seems to embody.

Jerry Tegno, Storage

More than just a stint

Interns complete an onboarding programme similar to the one we use with new hires, known as Intern 101, which covers different areas of Stripe including our mission, culture, products, and opportunities for growth. We try to arm you with enough knowledge and support from colleagues to do real work, without overloading you with coursework.

Catalysts for connections

Intern demos, speaker series, team-building events, and community engagement provide opportunities for interns to experience life at Stripe. We continuously invest in ways to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion across our practices – so that all Stripes are able to do the best work of their careers. You are welcome to join any of Stripe’s Communities and participate in community and office-organised initiatives throughout your internship.


The majority of our global interviews take place in line with local academic calendars, typically August-February the preceding year before our internship programme takes place. We recommend applying as early as possible.

New graduates

Early career professionals

All Stripes, even those early in their careers, are rigorous thinkers and inquisitive learners. We value and trust the fresh perspectives so many new grads offer. Starting out at Stripe means that within weeks, you’ll be working on core products and operations. It also means you’ll have access to the support, mentorship, and communities you need to be successful as you navigate your early career.

Some opinionated career advice

You could start your career in many places. We’d recommend picking somewhere large enough to help you develop your skills, but small enough that you can make an impact. Stripe offers both.

We optimize our systems and processes for early-career professionals. You will be in an environment that infuses rigour, discipline, and reliability into the ways we work and the products we build. You will learn how the best teams build extremely reliable systems – systems you’ll quickly have responsibility for operating (and always with adequate backup for when things get tough).

Your career will probably last decades. We can provide you with an excellent foundation, building on what you’ve learned already, teaching you about enormously valuable problems (and how to work, generally), and giving you evidence that you’re objectively good at what you do.

Stripe is one of the best places to learn about startups and the internet economy. You will have opportunities to interact directly with our users, who comprise many of the most innovative companies in the world. Whether you continue working here, or ultimately move on to other adventures, your time at Stripe will undoubtedly help you define your career aspirations.

Everywhere I look at Stripe, I find interesting projects and teams. They inspire me to ask the tough questions, find better solutions, and challenge the typical way of doing things.

Fay Wu, Global Engineering, LATAM

Team matching

For engineers, the team matching process takes place closer to your start date. New graduates complete a survey to let us know their team preferences, and then we look at a number of criteria – such as your background and interests, and our business needs and team bandwidth – to determine the best possible match.

Jump-start your career at Stripe.

Life at Stripe.

Do your best work among people who support, refine, and amplify every piece of it.

Operating principles

We have an opinionated set of principles, and we’re happy to be warts-and-all honest about them.