Buy now, pay later

Flexible payment options in minutes with Klarna on Stripe

Increase conversion and average order value by giving customers the option to buy now and pay later with Klarna.

Reach new customers

Klarna has over 150 million customers and is active in 45 markets. Businesses have seen that as much as 40% of Klarna customers are new to their brand.

Boost sales

Klarna offers a variety of simple payment options for every purchase. Businesses have seen an average 30% increase in cart conversion and 41% increase in order value from offering Klarna.

No additional overhead or risk

Benefit from unified reporting and payouts across payment methods. Klarna also protects you from credit risk and fraud-related disputes.

Get started fast

Add Klarna to your Stripe integration in minutes. There’s no application, onboarding, or underwriting process to get started.

How it works

Multiple payment options for your customers

Buy now, pay later options can give your buyers more flexibility at checkout. With Klarna, customers can pay over time while you get paid the full amount upfront. With any of Klarna’s four payment options, you are fully protected from fraud and credit risk. Availability of these payment options vary by your customer’s country.

Pay in instalments

Customers can split the cost of their purchase into 3 or 4 interest-free payments, paid every 2 weeks.

Pay later

Let your customers try before they buy by offering an extra 30 days to complete their payment interest-free.


Customers fill out a simple application and get an instant approval decision to receive credit that can be paid off over 6–36 months.

Pay now

European customers can complete a purchase with stored card or banking details, speeding up checkout.

Fully integrated

Get started fast on Stripe

With Stripe, harness all the benefits of Klarna plus faster deployment, simplified integration maintenance and reconciliation, and cross-border payments.

Flexible UI options

Start accepting Klarna in minutes by updating a single line of code in Checkout. Checkout will intelligently surface Klarna to increase conversion. Klarna also works with Elements and custom-built payment forms.

For platforms

Through Connect, platforms and marketplaces can easily distribute Klarna with no work required by merchants.

Ready to get started?

Stripe supports Klarna for businesses in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United States and 24 European countries including the United Kingdom, France, and Germany.


Check if your business category is supported in the docs, or visit your Dashboard settings to confirm if you are eligible and get started.


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Conversion, average order value, global customer numbers and new shopper data provided by Klarna. All data relates to integrations involving Klarna in general and are not specific to integrating with Stripe.